Getting the nutrition that you need for wellness.


In the U.S. only 5% real oil needs to be present to be labeled
"100% Pure". Just another reason why you want to be using
Young Living essential oils and only Young Living. You won't
get the same results with any other brand of essential oils.
Many people who have tried other brands and did not see
results thought that essential oils were a waste of money until
they tried our oils. Get started with the very best in wellness

Nutrition that you need.
If you look at the label on most food it is a bunch of words you
can't pronounce. So much of what is sold as food isn't actually
food. It's a bunch of chemicals thrown together. Lots of
preservatives, food colorings, flavorings. Added to this is how
most food is raised with lots of pesticides, herbicides,
fungicides, irradiation. It's no wonder that so many people are
so sick. They may have a full belly but their body is starving
for nutrition. When the body doesn't get what it needs it breaks

No matter how good you eat you need to supplement your diet
so that you are getting all of the good nutrients that your body
needs to not just survive but to thrive. We have the best
nutritional supplements on the planet. It is not just that we
don't use any synthetic ingredients it is also that we put the
best essential oils in the world into them. This makes sure that
the nutrition is getting into your cells. Essential oils are the
very best way to get nutrition into each and every one of your
trillions of cells. When compared to other products on the market
our products blew all the others away. With other products much
if not most of what you swallow just goes out the other end
because the cells are not able to absorb the nutrition. Using any
other product line is simply a waste of money.

Our nutritional products help to support all of the systems of the
body to good health. We have products that support you from
head to toe as well as help to bring balance to the systems like
the hormonal system. Our products are great to use along with
our Ningxia Red drink so that you will be sure to get all you need
to stay well.

We also have a great meal replacement with our Slique shake
that comes in packets that you can easily mix up and have a quick
and convenient meal that gives you all the nutrition you need.
They taste fantastic and keep you satisfied. When you give the
body good nutrition you will find that you won't need to eat as
much as you used to.

Some good choices in our supplement line include:
Master Formula
Multi Greens
Life 5

You will notice a big difference using our products. You can find
out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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