Get your healthy and slim on.


Many who have tried over and over to release excess weight and
keep it off have not been able to find what works for them long
term. That is until they give our Slique products a try. They are
unique and they work better. One of them is our Slique CitraSlim.

Slique CitraSlim is a great product to support the release of excess
weight and to help you manage your weight. The following are
some of the ingredients and some of their benefits.

Lemongrass leaf oil supports the immune and digestive systems.
Pomegranate seed oil supports the immune system, helps the
body handle inflammation, supports proper blood pressure,
and the circulatory system. Lemon Myrtle leaf oil supports the
health of the digestive and immune systems. Idaho Grand Fir
branch/leaf oil soothes muscles and supports the respiratory
system. Cassia dried bark powder supports the immune system
and proper metabolism. Orange whole fruit extract supports
the immune and circulatory systems and helps the body to
metabolize fat. Grapefruit whole fruit extract helps the body
metabolize fat cells. Guarana whole fruit extract supports
proper energy levels. Pterostilbene supports weight
management. Bitter orange unripened fruit extract helps the
body to metabolize fat cells. Ocotea leaf powder supports
proper blood sugar levels and helps with reducing cravings
for sugar. Fenugreek seed extract supports the digestive
system and improves exercise performance. Amylase
breaks down starch. Cellulase breaks down plant fiber.
Lipase breaks down fats and oils and supports liver health.
Protease breaks down proteins and helps the body to
remove toxins. Spearmint leaf oil supports digestion and
proper energy levels. Ocotea leaf oil supports the
digestive system, proper blood sugar levels, cardiovascular
health, proper blood flow, promotes feelings of fullness,
helps to curb cravings, and helps the body to remove
toxins. Cassia leaf oil supports the health of the nerves,
digestive system, circulatory system, immune system,
and proper blood sugar levels. Fennel seed oil supports
the health of the digestive system, proper metabolism,
fights free radical damage, and helps to suppress appetite.

As you can see Slique CitraSlim can help you in so many
ways achieve your goals. It not only is a fantastic product
to help you achieve your goals in regards to weight it is
also a fantastic product to support your overall wellness.
Give our Slique products a try. I think you will love the

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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