For wellness you have the power.


For health you want to do all you can to eliminate toxins. Toxins
are everywhere. Control as much as you can control. When it
comes to the air in your environment diffuse essential oils. When
it comes to water make sure you have a way to purify it and then
add a drop of our Vitality essential oils in every glass you drink.
Make sure you are eating organic. In 2014 59% of food tested
showed that it was contaminated with pesticides, fungicides,
and weed killers. Now the percentage has increased to at least
85%. Young Living has standards that are far above organic.
Most personal care products have toxic ingredients. Switch to
Young Living. Drugs and vaccines are toxic to the body.
Settlement payouts for vaccine injuries increased from
$22.8 million in 2014 to $114 million in 2015, a 382% increase.
Settlements for flu-shot injuries increased from $4.9 million
in 2014 to $61 million in 2015, an increase of more than 1000%.

Research has shown that there are other environmental factors
involved in whether damaged DNA becomes cancer. In
research even when a mouse or rat had been genetically
predisposed to develop liver cancer by intentionally damaging
genes the cancer would develop only in the presence of a
high animal protein diet. Nutrition won out over environment.
Although the DNA had been damaged cancer did not
inevitably result. 97 to 98 percent of all cancers are related
to diet and lifestyle, not to genes. Research has shown that
cancer progression can be reversed by nutritional changes.
Cancer producing genes can be turned off altogether with

Wellness is based on good nutrition, eliminating toxins, a
healthy lifestyle, and on focusing on the positive. You have
the power if you are willing to use it. Truth in every area
will set you free if you choose to believe it and if you take
action based upon it. Get started on a better path today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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