For wellness control what you do and how you think.


The more I have learned about meat and dairy the more I have
stayed away from them for wellness. Most food is irradiated
which isn't a good thing for you. Just another reason to choose
organic. The FDA approved radiation dose for meats is about
150 million times more radiation than the standard chest x-ray.
Irradiation does nothing to remove the feces, urine, pus, and
vomit that often contaminate meat and irradiation does not
kill all pathogens including mad cow disease. The FDA says
that it is not uncommon for some feedlot operators to mix
industrial sewage into feed to reduce costs and fatten animals
more quickly. Factory farmed animals live a very unhealthy
life, are pumped with antibiotics and steroids, and are very
sick. This is what you are eating if you choose animal products.

One of the things that weakens the immune system the most
is a lack of enzymes. The immune system relies almost totally
on enzymes to do its job. Enzymes must be replaced regularly.
Supplementation with enzymes increases macrophages by
700% and killer cells by 1300%. Supplementing with enzymes
everyday is very important for wellness.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, was an amazing man.
He had a research clinic in Mexico as well as a family practice
in California. His work was of such magnitude that he received
the Humanitarian Award. Gary was one of only six ever awarded
at the time for his research and successful treatment of
degenerative disease by the State Medical Examiner's Office of
Baja, California. So much of what Gary did led to making Young
Living the world leader in essential oils. With inhalation of
essential oils immediately the brain secretes antibodies,
endorphins, and neurotransmitters. At Alester University in
Ireland they diffused essential oils into an atmosphere that
had 210 colonies of bacteria and all 210 colonies were

In the US the mainstream medical system is the number 1
cause of death. In the next 22 minutes at least 100 Americans
will die under the care of conventional doctors. Just another
good reason to do all you can to take care of your health.
Dr. Gary Young did medical work in the jungles of Ecuador.
He found that the combination of the essential oils of
valerian, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint helped people
tremendously with controlling discomfort after surgery. No
pain pills were needed. This was done with at least 132
people. Support the body and it can do amazing things. It
has been known since 1938 that abnormal PAP smears are
associated with a folic acid deficiency and that taking folic
acid can cause the PAP smear to return to normal.

When the FDA approves a drug they know less than half
of the serious side effects. When adverse reactions
happen less than 1% are reported to the FDA. When
they are reported back to the FDA over 99% of the time
all that happens is a change in the label on the drug or
package insert. Everyone is unique so whenever
someone uses something made by a drug company
no one knows what will happen. It is an experiment
each and every time. Many are choosing a more natural
path for wellness. Quality matters when it comes to
supplements. There has been much research done that
has shown that at least 97.5% of supplements on the
market are either toxic or don't work. Everyone can
benefit from our premium products.

Choose to thrive and succeed with us and to be part of
the solution.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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