For the love of your heart.


So many problems can be prevented with a little care. When it
comes to wellness what works the very best is not to do damage
and to then give our body what it needs so that it can do it's job
as it was created to do.

Cardiogize is a great supplement to support the health of your
cardiovascular system. Some of the ingredients and some of
what they do follow.

Vitamin K2 helps calcium to be properly absorbed so that calcium
doesn't build up in the blood vessels. Folate helps support proper
cell division. Selenium supports cardiovascular health. Garlic bulb
extract supports healthy circulation. Coenzyme Q10 supports the
body in producing energy, normal growth, maintenance, and repair.
Astragalus root powder supports the immune system. Dong Quai
root powder, Motherwort herb powder, and Cat's claw bark powder
support the circulatory system and proper blood flow. Hawthorn
berry powder supports proper blood flow and supports the health
of blood vessels. Cactus cladode powder is high in beneficial fibers
and antioxidants. Cardamom seed powder supports the health of
the cardiovascular system and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Give your heart a little love with Cardiogize.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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