A few good choices.


Young Living has hundreds of products. Here a few great choices you
can get started with. You will love the endless benefits with each
and every one of our products.

Dream Catcher - I have known many people who had a challenge
with falling asleep and staying asleep. Dream Catcher has been
the answer that many have found worked for them in these areas.
People who have struggled with distractions and negativity, those
who struggle with visions in the night, anyone who has their
“monkey brain” keep them awake when they lay down to go to
sleep rehashing the day and their never ending “to do” lists have
been helped with this fantastic blend of essential oils. The oils in
Dream Catcher have been blended together to stimulate the
emotional centers of the creative brain and awaken your potential.

Longevity helps us to maintain our individual unique personalities and
purposes. Each organ, tissue, and gland defines who we are and there
is only one YOU!

Keeping yourself healthy means keeping each cell healthy. Our body
thrives on using substances with high anti-oxidant levels that absorb
the free radicals that make our bodies age. Anti-oxidants also reduce
the stress in our bodies.

The oils in Longevity help to maintain the integrity of each and every
one of our trillions of cells with oils that have some of the very highest
level of anti-oxidants. The fragrance of Longevity encourages hope and

Palo Santo
God created a sacred tree for every area of the world. The middle east
has the Frankincense tree, North America has its Spruce, the Baobab tree
is in Africa and South America gives us Palo Santo which means, Holy Wood.

The scent of Palo Santo literally lifts your spirit and soothes your mind. Palo
Santo has historically been used to support humanity in every possible way.
The essential oil can only be produced from the limbs and trees that have been
dead for at least 2 years! They must die naturally. Palo Santo offers so many
benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Roman Chamomile
This oil is a wonderful oil for the skin as it is often found in skin creams, lotions,
soaps and shampoos as particularly in children and baby products. It is very
relaxing and calming and helps settle kids, animals, and yourself down at the
end of the day. Just using a drop can help to induce a good nights sleep and it
helps to soothe the mind as well as the skin and creates an atmosphere of
calmness and patience when diffused.

Vetiver essential oil is high in sesquiterpenes, which can actually pass through
the blood brain barrier and help to oxygenate the glands. Inhaling Vetiver can
have a calming effect when we are too excited or our brain cannot focus. This is
a great oil to help support the endocrine and nervous systems.

White Angelica
Whie Angelica is an amazing blend of essential oils. It invokes a calm feeling of
spiritual connection, whether it be with angels, guides, God or the Holy Spirit.
Many place a drop on their hands and rub together then brush lightly over their
clothes as a protection against negative frequencies. Many have called it a
"blanket of protection".

Ylang Ylang
This oil is an amazing balancing oil. It is very relaxing and helps to balance our
male and female sides which everyone has. it has a wonderful and uplifting

These are just a few suggestions. Using our products on a daily basis and you
will never want to be without them. No other products come close. Get started
today right here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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