Far better than any crypto-currency.


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You see many raving about crypto-currencies and how you
can get rich off of them. However, just like many things in life, if
you look at what this really is it will lose its luster.

Most people are relying on hype and don't really understand.
Here is some information that can help you to not be taken
advantage of.

Bitcoin isn’t a company and it has no corporate entity. So if
there is a problem there is no one to go after. Bitcoin doesn’t
have revenues or profits. There are no hard assets and
nothing unique. The trading is not regulated by anyone.
Unscrupulous promoters can’t be stopped.

There is extreme volatility and fluctuations in the price so
that there could be a 50% fall in value in just 24 hours
time. The transactions are not free and currently there is
almost a $24 charge per transaction. Many confirmations
take days to complete. Selling Bitcoin can be very difficult
when compared to buying it.

There isn’t a single crypto-currency that has stood the
test of time. It is a huge gamble and similar to a ponzi

Digital things can come and they can go. They can be
deleted and hacked into. For real value you want to
have silver and be developing a growing income from
home with a real business.

It is a far better decision to join us and develop an
unlimited income from home rather than to jump on
the hype train of crypto-currencies that I believe will
derail in the future.

I would love to help you be successful. You can find
out more at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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