Every action leads to problems or wellness.


Every day more and more people are seeing the truth. One nurse
stated, "The barbarism of chemotherapy would make arsenic
"jealous." Arsenic is in some oral drugs and is in the feed of
chickens which is then consumed by people. One disenchanted
medical student upon graduating with high honors from a premier
American medical school, gave his diagnosis of modern medicine
as it is generally practiced: "Medicine is as distant to healing as
prostitution is to love." Did you know that doctors, as an
organization, are approximately 15,300 to 53,400 times more
likely to accidentally kill someone than recreational gun
owners are every year?

Too many people think that people having to do with the sick
care system actually care about them. Most simply don't. An
executive with an HMO told the Wall Street Journal, "We see
people as numbers, not patients. It's easier to make a
decision. Just like Ford, we're a mass production assembly
line and there is no room for the human equation in the
bottom line. Profits are king." Do you see the problem?

In a 10 year double blind, randomized study released in
2004 by John Hopkins School of Medicine they reported that
by supplementing with vitamins C and E and following a
strict diet a person could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's
disease by 78%! By following the current medical approach
the experts predict the number of cases of Alzheimer's
will triple by 2050. By following the advice of medical
doctors one out of three elderly die of dementia. The
FDA has released warnings that the use of statin drugs
increases the risks of Alzheimer's and type 2 Diabetes.

For wellness a more natural approach works better.
Come join us by stepping up to better today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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