Enzymes control every aspect.


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Enzymes control everything that goes on in the body. They
are life giving and life saving. Without enzymes life could
not exist. Enzymes are found in every living cell. Enzymes
are a part of essential oils. In the fall it is the enzymes that
are digesting inside the leaves which make them change
colors. Because of the enzymes, it makes it easier for the
leaves to be digested and broken down to be recycled.
The circle of life.

Without enzymes seeds would not grow or germinate. Enzymes
help to take in the nutrients from food which make them
available and help to enhance the absorption of nutrients.
Essential oils have enzymatic like activities and using
essential oils helps to stimulate enzyme activity in the body.

Enzyme production decreases with age. It also decreases
when we eat food devoid of enzymes because you use up
what’s in the body which causes all kinds of problems. The
body creates over 3,000 different kinds of enzymes, each
with their own special function and purpose. Within the cells
of our lungs, liver, brain, and digestive system we want to
have lots of enzymes so that we can have good health.
When there is a lack of enzymes our health suffers. As an
example, enzymes stimulate the brain to increase memory.
So if someone is having challenges with memory one area
to look at is in increasing enzymes.

As enzymes are used in digestion and the process of
digestion is completed enzymes will break down and pass
into the blood stream as amino acids which in turn become
the building blocks in the body. Protease, amylase, and
other enzymes will enter the bloodstream to clean out
foreign materials such as free radicals and potential
allergens, which create gluten intolerance and other
allergies. Enzymes then make their way back to the liver
and pancreas and are used again.

The human body is designed to only break down or digest
approximately 50% of the food we eat. Live enzymes are
supplied in raw food, but as soon as we cook or process
our food to much, enzymes are no longer there. High heat
destroys nutrition as well as enzymes. High heat and over
processing creates dead food. A good saying to remember
is, "Dead food creates a dead body." Enzymes work in
protecting and repairing our body every single day.

For good health it is a good idea to take digestive enzymes
on an empty stomach before you eat to help conserve the
body's energy and keep the enzyme reserve full. Taking
enzymes before bed can help in the repair process which
takes place in our body overnight.

Enzymes which help in digesting your food properly and in
cleaning the blood, makes it possible for the human body
to give all of its attention to protecting and repairing. Eat
organic food with much of it being in a raw state, live food.

Great health is your most valuable asset. Keeping your
enzyme reserve full all the time will help to keep your immune
system functioning like it should which is a very important
part to having good health.

We have wonderful enzymes that can help to support your
overall good health. My favorites are Essentialzyme,
Essentialzymes - 4, and Detoxzyme. Give them a try and
see what positive benefits happen for you. You can find
out more at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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