Endless uses!


Young Living Products have more than one purpose. Here are some
* Cool Azul Gel as a hair gel
* AlkaLime powder for skin issues. Make a paste and apply just a dab
* Mineral Essence applied topically for skin issues. Can also apply
topically behind the knee for kids who don’t like the taste and don't
want to ingest Mineral Essence.
* Lavaderm to detangle hair
* Lavender Lotion as a leave in conditioner, just use a small amount
* Deodorant when skin issues arise – also use at night to help detox
* Lavender lip balm for diaper rashes, apply to the scalp if too much
sun exposure, for skin issues on toddlers that fall often and on kiddos
cheeks in the winter to act as a barrier from the cold
* Mirah Shave oil for soft, silky hair, remove eye makeup, as a cuticle
oil, as a light face moisturizer before makeup or as a lubricant
* Shurtran beard oil for aftershave in sensitive areas
* Cel-lite Magic in a spray bottle as a before tanning spray
* Rose ointment for dry lips, sore noses and flyaway hairs
* Sensation Massage oil as a lubricant
* Any of the massage oils in the hair to help naturally curly hair stay
curly and not frizzy. Just a dab from the middle down to the ends.
* ClaraDerm as a facial moisturizer. One spray directly on the face or
spray it in the palm of your hand and then rub on the face and neck
* Art toner as alternative frizz-be-gone shining gel spray
* Tender Tush to soothe and diminish stretch marks, soften pregnancy
belly and help to tighten skin
* Animal Scents Ointment to coat the nose hairs and protect from
outside toxins. Also apply to the feet at nighttime for beautiful soft
* Thieves Dishwasher Detergent as a scouring scrub and to clean grout
* Thieves Hand Purifier for facial blemishes, to get permanent marker
off of surfaces and for flyaway hairs.
* Thieves Cleaner in carpet cleaning vacuums, as a stain remover for
clothes (add some lemon!).
* Thieves Mouthwash as a skin purifier since the first ingredient after
water is Colloidal Silver. Also great for soaking oral nightguard or
retainer to prevent bacteria.
* Foaming hand soap as a facial wash
* Thieves Dish Soap to clean glass top stove
* Thieves Spray, Veggie Spray or Hand Purifier for cleaning phone
screens or eyeglasses
* Thieves Cleaner for soaking and cleaning jewelry except pearls
* Seedlings baby wipes as dryer sheets or make up removers

Give our products a try and I bet you too will love them. No other
products come close to ours in quality. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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