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The way that cows milk is processed, the pasteurization and
homogenization cause lots of problems. When you
understand you probably will want to avoid dairy because it
really doesn't do a body good.

Research has shown that dairy can contribute to infertility
problems. The homogenization of milk pulverizes the fat
molecules which permits these tiny fragments of milk fat
to easily pass through the villi of the small intestine which
greatly increases the amount of denatured fat and cholesterol
absorbed by the body.

Due to the processing of dairy it renders the end product not
being able to deliver sufficient calcium. So you see people
eating lots of dairy while osteoporosis has become a serious
problem. You might be surprised to know that raw cabbage
can supply you with far more calcium that your body can use
than dairy ever will. In fact many of the leafy green vegetables
are great sources of calcium.

When you learn the truth you realize just how many have been
trying really hard to deceive you. Another important element
for good strong bones is boron. When women were given
sufficient amounts of boron the level of estrogen in the blood
of women more than doubled which eliminated the need for
estrogen replacement therapy. Good sources of boron are
fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts. Nature has provided
us with what we need as long as it is organic and mainly raw.

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journey to wellness. You will love the results!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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