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With our hundreds of products we make it easy to live
clean. We can help you to clean up every area of your
life and it's all delivered right to your door every month.

The typical person uses about 15 personal care
products every day. This would mean that the average
person is exposed to hundreds of chemicals, many of
these toxic, and this happening even before breakfast
time. I think you would agree that this isn't a very good
way to start off your day.

Due to all the toxins that surround us everywhere the
toxic load is starting from birth. The umbilical cord
blood has been tested with newborns and on average
200 chemicals have been detected. These chemicals
came from the mother and many of them have been
shown to be toxic to the brain and nervous system,
can cause cancer, and can cause birth defects.

Many of these chemicals cause problems with our
endocrine system. Hormones control everything that
goes on in the body. When taking a look at our
waterways and fish it was shown that the effects of
fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that ended
up in the water had a very negative impact on
aquatic life. Almost 100% of the fish had been
feminized. Over 90% of the male fish had eggs
in their testicles. One out of ten male frogs had
become completely feminized and 75% of male
frogs could not even reproduce anymore.

So what do you think is happening to people?
Because these products are being used on
crops they are going into people and causing
much the same problems. Look at the increase
in reproductive problems with people.

It is time that everyone switch to clean products,
fantastic products that will give you great
results. Products that have no toxins made by
a company that puts people first ahead of
profits. For the well being of yourself and those
you love you need to switch today.

See what millions around the world have
switched to and simply love. Once you get
started and see the results, you too will never
want to be without them. You don't have to
keep using toxic products. There is a better
alternative. Here it is:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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