Caring for health. Real healthcare.


For way too many years now there has been a constant
messaging about the need for health care. Too many
people obviously don't understand what caring for
health is really all about. If real health care would
take place there would be a whole lot less problems
and a huge savings in money. Time for a revolution
to take place for real health care.

Health care is what an individual does each and every
day. It has to do with lifestyle choices. Health is from
God and it is our task to take the very best care of it
because no one else can give it to you.

If you expect the medical system to give it to you good
luck. The mainstream medical system is the number one
cause of death. It has very little to do with health. Only
about 10% of what it does has ever been proven to
work. Trillions of dollars are spent every year making
certain people very rich while a path of death and
destruction is left. Not a very good return on all that
money spent. If you think that any politician ever has
or ever will care about your personal issues, your
health, think again. If people are willing to do what
it takes then they will find that the need for the
medical system will be rare. Poor health is common
but it is not normal. When it comes to insurance
companies did you know that they pay their
employees bonuses to deny cases? You can have
a whole host of insurance policies and they will
not ensure you coverage or good health.

The medical system is controlled by the drug companies.
For me drugs are not an option. I know that all drugs
are toxic to the body, the body can not use them, all
drugs have endless effects that are negative and because
every person is unique no one knows what effect a drug
will have on any given person, and all drugs cause nutritional
deficiencies which is one of the main causes of health
challenges. Have you ever heard a commercial advertising
drugs listing effects from that drug including suicidal
tendencies, hallucinations, cancer, and death?! Are people
crazy?! Drugs are made by man. We are real and the only
things the body can use to go back into balance and
wellness are what is real.

When it comes to science it seems that for many it has
become a sort of religion. However, most people can be
bought and this includes researchers and scientists. Many
would find it shocking at how much research is falsified and
how many scientific papers are ghost written. If a
researcher is making money off of the approval of a drug
can that person really be objective? Because of all I have
seen I don't trust anything that comes from a drug
company. For me and my body only real will do.

So much brain washing with lies for way too long. This
includes injecting a concoction of cancer causing ingredients,
heavy metals, tissue from animals, tissue from aborted
babies, and a whole host of nasty things including a virus
which is man-made in a lab directly into the blood stream.
Do people not understand that man will never be able to
create in a lab what is in nature? The injections can not
and never have protected people because man-made is
not and never has been an exact replica of what is in nature.
People just need to think a little and use some common
sense. This would save a whole lot of time, money, death,
and destruction. Never forget that the only way the medical
system can make so much money is if there are a whole lot
of sick people. It benefits from problems and not from good

Health problems have increased due also to fake food.
All of the man made chemicals and the genetically
modified. If you look at experiments done on animals
and GMO's you will see a host of health problems,
infertility, very large tumors, and very fat animals.
Real food is what the body needs. When it comes to
food make sure it is truly organic. Because of the greed
factor unfortunately there are some companies that
label things organic when they are not so you are going
to have to be careful. In so many cases you no longer can
trust what a label says and there is no government agency
looking out for you.

I have done decades of research. There are very few
companies that I trust. One of the few that is looking
out for people, animals, and the planet is Young Living.
Young Living is a company that puts people ahead of
profit. It is very transparent and has hundreds of better
than organic products. They never compromise and are
grounded in truth and integrity. You have a choice as to
where you spend your money. Choose wisely and support
Young Living. With enough people using the power of
the purse things can and will change. For those interested
in what is real, what is safe, for those interested in truth.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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