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An executive with the Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical
company made a frank admission to a Newsweek reporter in 2005:
"The complexity and diversity of natural products can't be matched
by even the most innovative human scientist. I think we're going to
see a resurgence of interest in natural products." Get started on the
very best product line in wellness today! Step up to better. A new
and better normal. Life is too short for anything less than the very
best. Join us today!

I love helping people to help themselves because in all honesty
each person is the only one that can really do it for themselves.
You can listen to a lot of people and you can have people give
you their opinion but it is up to you to do what it takes to make
your life better and to be the very best you that you can be.

Truth is really important to me. For the past few years I have
read about a hundred books a year on many different topics
to find out truth. In reading these books it was interesting to
note that you can have a number of people called experts
and they don't all agree. Some even state totally opposite
viewpoints. That is where discernment comes in. That is
where listening to your gut and your heart comes in. Each
one of us is smarter than we can imagine and we just need
to follow our own path but we need to make sure that it
is grounded in truth or it may lead us to places we really
don't want to be going to. If you aren't in control then
someone else will take control and that may end up being
good for them but really bad for you. I have found that
in today's world not many people truly care about others.

So many people and companies today put money as their
god. They do what is best for money and in doing so they
don't consider the implications and the harm that what they
are doing can do to people and the planet. That is just one
reason why I represent Young Living. They are a company
grounded in truth, integrity, and putting people first.

I would love to help you. What are the most important issues
that you would like to work on and that you are looking for
answers to. Maybe I can help. Click on this link and fill out
this short survey and lets get started on a better path for

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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