The brainwashing.


There are many messages that are repeated over and over
from the time we are really little and then going all through
our life. If you really look into these messages you can see
that many don't make sense and that many are not true.

There are people who want to maintain control over others.
They want to manipulate others and a very effective way
of doing this is with messages that are repeated over and
over. This is brainwashing. If you benefit from people 
believing lies then of course you will not want them finding
out the truth.

The messages are in every area of society. If these
messages were true then there wouldn't be so many
problems. However, if you look at most any area of
society you can see lots of problems, many of these are
major problems. The problem is that there are too many
people in power and who are very wealthy who benefit
from the problems and so they keep continuing.

For many years I have taken a different path. To me it
is important to find out the truth. If you choose to do this
you might become just a little depressed because you
will see just how many people are lying. Either they know
that they are lying and they simply don't care or they
don't know that they are lying and are simply repeating
the messages that they have been taught without using
critical thinking. Either one is not acceptable.

Messages are very powerful. Whatever messages you
believe to be true are controlling how you think, what
you believe, and how you act. So if you have been
believing messages that simply aren't true then this
could have been really screwing you up. These messages
can be preventing you from having a much better life,
from having the life you were meant to have, the one
you were created to have.

One of the big areas where there are lots of untrue
messages is in the area of education. Much of what is
written in books that children are taught from simply
aren't true. So then what good is the education or should
I say indoctrination?

There is no guarantee of a job with a college degree
yet people will spend many thousands of dollars to obtain
one and go into debt. Things are constantly changing.
Many with masters degrees and even PhD's can't find a
job and are working two and three jobs to get by. It just
makes sense to start a home based business with us for
less than $200 where you have the ability to make an
unlimited income from the comfort of home.

I believe that anyone who takes a serious look at the
profession of network marketing comes to understand
that it is one of the very best professions that you
could possibly choose to spend your time, your life,
involved in. However, most of the companies in this
profession are not worth your time or talent. In
researching many hundreds of companies in the
great profession of network marketing one stands
far above all the rest, in all areas.

I encourage you to take a closer look and I believe
that anyone that does, and who understands what
is presented, will choose to join us. It just doesn't get
any better than this. We need to come together. The
answer is in helping each other.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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