The biggest challenge.


Network marketing is not difficult. It takes being
committed and hanging in there for as long as
it takes. That is why most aren't successful. They
aren't willing to stick with it long enough.

In society most people will quit. Whether it's a
job, a marriage, an opportunity, or even being
a parent, most will quit. That is why it is critical
to have vision and a goal tied to really, really
strong emotions. With anything in life you are
going to have ups and downs. To get through
the struggles you are going to have to have
a really strong goal that drives you and gets
you going every day to continue on your

When it comes to our opportunity it is really
pretty simple. You get started with a Premium
Starter Kit which takes just a few minutes. Then
you are going to set up your Essential Rewards
so you can get the products of your choice
delivered to your door every month. It's kind
of like an online grocery list. I just go in and
add what I need whenever I run out. Takes
just a few minutes. Young Living has the very
best products in the world. I haven't been
sick for years which has saved me a lot of
frustration and money. I even get free products
with every order and you can too.

The hardest part is when it comes to other
people. You can't control anyone else. I share
Young Living with as many as I can every day
because I know how life changing our products
and opportunity are. I also know I can't make
others "see" it or take action. I believe to be
using our products and sharing them with
others are two of the most important things
that anyone should be doing but it is up
to them.

I believe that anyone can succeed with
Young Living but too many people get hung
up on the challenges of sharing with others.
The key is to share, share, share, and work
with those who get it. Many won't and there
is nothing that we can do about that. There
are many that will quit. I always feel sorry for
those who do but then I simply keep my
sights on my vision and just keep on sharing.
We can only help those who are willing to
do what it takes to help themselves.

I encourage you to take a closer look. If you
have the desire and determination to not
quit I know that I can help you succeed.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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