Biblically based.


Not for the money and not for stuff. I do this because this
transforms people's lives. For the time I have on this planet I
want to help as many people as possible be all that God wants
them to be. Flush the junk and excuses down the toilet. Go for it
and you will be amazed at how awesome your life can be. This
can bless your life in so many ways! Step up to better. A new
and better normal. Life is too short for anything less than the
very best. Join us today!

Essential oils were given to us by God on the third day of
creation. I love that they are mentioned many times in the
Bible. In fact there are hundreds of references. Thirty six
of the thirty nine books of the Old Testament and ten of
the twenty seven books of the New Testament mention
essential oils or the plants that produce them.

Essential oils are the greatest healing modality known and
the very best tools that the body can use to bring about
balance. The body knows what to do with the oils. Essential
oils know what to do in the body no matter what. Essential
oils are filled with Gods truth, love, and wisdom.

We have a collection of oils called Oils of Ancient Scripture
which I highly recommend. Featured in it are:

* Cypress - it helps to support our circulatory system. The
fresh aroma  can promote a sense of grounding and

* Aloes - This has traditionally been used for meditation.
It is uplifting and relaxing and is valued in skin care for
its moisturizing and normalizing properties.

* Cedarwood - The soothing aroma promotes relaxation,
balance, and increased mental focus. This oil is also
an excellent insect repellant.

* Hyssop - This was considered a sacred oil by Greeks
and Egyptians. The fragrance stimulates creativity and
meditation. Because essential oils are one of the very
best things to help the body to release negative
emotions, hyssop can help with exhaustion, grief, and

* Frankincense - This oil has so many benefits in all
areas. It has calming properties which can increase
spirituality and inner strength. It also has comforting
properties that can help focus the mind and overcome
stress and despair. Given to the Christ child at birth.

* Cistus - This is the biblical Rose of Sharon. The
fragrance is soothing and comforting. Traditionally
cistus was used to support a healthy immune system.

* Myrrh - It has many properties that can help to
support overall well being. Given to the Christ
child at birth.

* Onycha - it can help to cleanse and purify the
spirit. It helps release the energy of suppression
and feelings of being eliminated. It promotes
feelings of freedom and emancipation.

* Myrtle - Traditionally this oil was used to support
overall wellness. It has an uplifting and comforting
aroma. Both Myrrh and Myrtle are especially good
for supporting a healthy thyroid.

* Cassia - It helps to release energy of worthlessness,
unimportance, and suppression that keeps us afar
from our higher self, our divine source, and spiritual

Essential oils can have a very positive and profound
impact on every area of your life. Once you start
using them you will never want to be without them.
Get started today and see what endless positive
possibilities are in store for you!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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