Benefiting from the very best business model.


Young Living uses the business model of network marketing and I am
so glad that they do. I feel that network marketing is the very best
way of doing business. I think that anyone who is not involved in
network marketing simply does not understand it. By helping others
to succeed you will succeed. I feel that we were put on this planet
to help others so network marketing fits perfectly into this plan.

The old ways don't work anymore. Most people growing up have
heard the same story - work hard in school, get good grades, then
you can get a good job that you will keep for the rest of your
working life. However, this model doesn't offer security any longer.

Because of all that has changed many people are looking for
better alternatives for income for all the days of their life. Many
invest in the stock market but if you look at the history you will
see ups and then downs. When you buy stock you don't have
any control. There have been very large companies that all of
a sudden go out of business and if you have stock in that company
you are now left with nothing of value. If a stockbroker is honest
with you they will tell you that the market is no better than going
into a casino.

Many people throughout the world have lost their jobs, their
retirement savings, as well as the equity in their homes. Earning
potential has decreased. Stagnant wages combined with rising
health care and cost of living has created a situation where people
simply have less money to invest. If you wanted to earn just $600
a month you would need to have more than $360,000 in a savings
account earning 2% interest.

What network marketing offers is residual income. This is income
that comes in month after month from an initial effort. There are
many ways to create residual income but for the average person
the best way is with network marketing.

With our business you can have your own home based business
for less than $200. This is a worldwide business. Young Living
ships products to over 100 countries. That is the first step of our
simple system for success, getting started. From there we just
have a couple of other steps that help people to quickly succeed
with us. By joining us you have the ability to develop an unlimited
income from home while helping an unlimited amount of people
in the world. To me there is nothing else that comes close.

There are more than 70 million people worldwide involved in
the great profession of network marketing. Business icons such
as Warren Buffet, Stephen Covey, and Robert Kiyosaki have
all endorsed network marketing. Other benefits with this
profession include business training, personal growth, travel
opportunities, and with Young Living the very best product
line in wellness to positively impact every area of your life.

If you are looking for more from life and a better opportunity to
create financial security while being able to enjoy more
flexibility and freedom I encourage you to find out more at:

I would love to have you join our team and help you on your
journey to success. 

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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