Being rewarded for loyalty.


What do you get for cheap? You get cheap. Cheap and
quality don't go together. It takes more money to make
quality. So if you are looking for cheap, I can't help you.
If you are looking for quality, I can.

Rewarding you for your loyalty.
So the first step is to get started with us. The second step is
to set up your Essential Rewards order. This can be done
very easily at the Young Living site. You simply use the
information of username and password that you entered
when signing up and you login to the Young Living site.
This is also explained at our success site.

You can then choose what products you want each month
and the date you want your order processed each month.
It is a simple process that puts you in control and the best
products in the world are delivered right to your door. We
call it a lifestyle box. It's like every month when you get
your package is like your birthday and Christmas all rolled
into one.

Young Living has hundreds of different products and you
are simply replacing inferior products with and stepping up
to better with Young Living. The products will save you in
so many ways. One big way that many have found is that
they don't get sick hardly ever anymore so they don't
waste time and money running to the doctor all the time.
The kids aren't sick so they don't have to take time off of
work and they aren't sick so they aren't missing work. With
simply sharing with others many are finding that they are
able to quit their job and live the life they have always
dreamed of where they are in control, have more security,
and have more freedom. Never again do they have to
worry about hearing "you're laid off" or "you're fired".

The Essential Rewards Program rewards you for simply
having the best products in the world delivered right to
your door each and every month. Here is how it works
and why once you get started you will never want to leave.

With being part of the Essential Rewards program each
month you will get product points. All of the products
have a PV value. PV stands for product volume. For
most products the PV is the same as the cost. Say a
product costs $20 well the PV will be 20. The PV is
used to calculate your Essential Rewards Points. For
months 1-3 that you are part of Essential Rewards you
will get 10% of your order each month in points so with
a 100 PV order you will receive 10 points, months 4-24
you will receive 20% product points and starting in your
25th month 25%! After being on Essential Rewards for
two months you can trade in these product points for
products of your choice. So you will be getting products
for free and you just need to pay for shipping! You can
save up your points but you need to use them within a
years time of when you receive them. You can use up
to 350 points in any given month.

For becoming part of the Essential Rewards Program you
will receive:
* Free product with the product points
* Reduction on shipping costs
* Essential Rewards member only specials which include
product specials every month

You also will receive gifts at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months
and an exclusive essential oil blend called Loyalty at 12
months! Who doesn't like to get surprise gifts! This
program is so much fun!

With the free products that Young Living gives us every
month based on the PV total of our order along with the
points that I get I am able to get around $2000 in
products for FREE every year!

After finding out about our fantastic Essential Rewards program
I bet you can't wait to get started. That is the second step of
success with us. Getting started on Essential Rewards.

The last step in achieving success is simply sharing with others.
We have lots of great tools that make this simple to do. Anyone
can do these three simple steps especially when the results
are feeling fantastic, looking younger, and making money! You
can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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