Being honest.


I have found that most people, most companies, most
systems, lack honesty. People lie and get lied to all the
time. Many get jaded because after you have been lied
to enough you think that all are lying.

My profession is in network marketing. I have done
lots of research for many years. Many in this profession
lie, many people associated with many of the companies
in this profession lie. That is why so many have a bad
view of network marketing. But it isn't network marketing
it was those people.

A good foundation for building a long term relationship
has to be grounded in honesty. If you aren't honest with
people then they won't trust you and the relationship
won't last.

One reason why I share what I do with others is because
it is grounded in honesty. Young Living is one of the
most honest companies that I have ever encountered.
Honesty is what guides everything that is done. No
compromising ever. They put people first. Most
other companies put money first and when you do
that you often will not do what is best for people.
That is the basis to most of the problems in society.

When I share with others it is important to me to be
sharing the very best with them, something that I
can be proud of and something that I don't have to
worry will come back to haunt me. For too many
with what they do for a profession that is a constant
worry and most likely the basis for many of the
addictions - shame and guilt.

One of the very best decisions that anyone can
choose to do is to join us and use our products every
day. They have enhanced many peoples lives for
the better. I have used them for over 18 years and
would never want to be without them.

Honestly there are only three steps to achieving
success with us. Each is simple. Many in network
marketing try to complicate this and say you need
oh so much training so that they can make lots of
money off of you but it just isn't true. You may
want to get training and some might be able to
help you. I can say with all the training I have had
most did not really help.

Even a child can do our three steps so you too can if
you want things to improve, to be better in your
life for 2019 and all the years beyond. Get started
with one of our Premium Starter kits, get started
on our loyalty program so you can get free products
and get the very best products of your choosing
delivered right to your door every month, then
share with abandon so others know their are better
options and so you can be a blessing to them.

That is all there is to it. Anyone who understands
the simplicity and the power of this knows that
there is nothing better in this world to be a part
of. My responsibility is to share and now that you
know it is your responsibility to take action if you
so choose. I would love to help you.

Peace, Health, and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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