Releasing negative emotions for good health.


One of the aspects about physical problems that is not talked
about much is the link between stored negative emotions and
the physical problems that they can cause. There are some
doctors that believe that most of the physical problems that
people have develop from stored negative emotions in the
body. Our cells have memory and when negative experiences
happen the body stores those in the cells. Oftentimes when
negative emotions are released the physical problems will
soon disappear.

We have a wonderful and very powerful essential oil blend
called Release. This blend is very helpful in releasing anger
and trauma in order to create emotional well-being. Release
can help to open the subconcious mind through the pineal
gland to release deep-seated trauma. Release is one of the
most powerful of our emotionally supporting blends.

Another really good blend that I highly recommend is SARA.
This blend of oils helps to enable you to relax into a mental
state to facilitate the release of trauma from sexual and/or
ritual abuse. SARA also helps unlock other traumatic
experiences such as physical and emotional abuse.

If you live for very long on this planet you will have negative
things happen to you and for many people they will have to
deal with abuse of one kind or another. Whether it was
a relative, friend, someone at school, boss, co-worker, or
stranger that did or said something unkind. The two
blends of Release and SARA can be very helpful in
releasing the stored negative emotions and helping you
to be able to move on rather than to remain trapped by
the negative experience. For many these two blends
have been life changing. Kind of like having the key to
set yourself free from an emotional prison.

I encourage you to order Release and SARA and see how
these two essential oil blends can have a positive impact
on your life. To find out more about all the wonderful ways
that essential oils can benefit you as well as to order
Release and SARA visit:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


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