Helping you to have the healthiest of air.


One way to have the very healthiest of air in your home or office is
by spraying essential oils into the air. They don't cover up odors,
they actually digest the offending particles. This is also good to
do to keep from coming down with the latest bug that is going
around. Here is a great recipe for you to try.

In a spray bottle with one cup of purified water put:
20 drops of lavender oil
10 drops of lemon oil
6 drops of bergamot oil
5 drops of lime oil
5 drops of grapefruit oil

This not only can help you to have better quality air to breathe but
it smells oh so good and your air will have such a clean fresh
smell. Due to the oils in this blend they can also help to improve
your mood.

I simply love the fragrance of essential oils. I can't get enough of
them and I make sure to diffuse them at home every day. The
fragrance of cedarwood oil stimulatees the limbic region of the
brain, the center of emotions, and stimulates the pineal gland,
which releases melatonin. Dr. Terry Friedmann, MD, found in
clinical tests that this oil was able to successfully help
children who had problems with proper thinking and behavior.
Cedarwood is recognized for its calming and purifying properties.

Here is a fun experiment to try. There have been people who
had trouble in understanding a subject that they were studying
and due to this were not able to do well on tests. They started
to inhale cedarwood when they studied as well as to rub it on
their right thumb and big toe. After a period of time of using
cedarwood they were able to more easily comprehend the
subject that had been causing them problems and they also
were able to more easily pass tests and get better grades.
If you have children who have challenges with studying or
learning why not give cedarwood oil a try?

To find out more about all of the wonderful ways that essential
oils can benefit you visit:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.





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