Help with heavy metals.


Many people have problems that are caused by heavy
metals being stored in the body. Because of all the
toxins that we come in contact with on a regular basis
it is important to use things that can help our body
to be able to effectively eliminate things which are
harmful to the body.

Clinical studies have shown that the essential oil
blend of GLF can help the body to be able to more
efficiently eliminate heavy metals from the body
including mercury which is one of the most toxic
of all the non-radioactive metals.

Something else that is necessary to help the body
to detoxify is water. Water is the activator for all
body functions, for growth, development, strength,
and vitality. The only substance more important to
the body than water is oxygen. On average the
human body is 70% water. The brain is over 75%
water, the blood over 80% water, and the liver is
amazingly made up of about 96% water.

In nearly every chemical reaction in the body water
plays a role. It aids in digestion and absorption of
food, regulates body temperature and blood
circulation, carries nutrients to the cells, and
removes toxins. Water also protects joints,
tissues, and organs, including the spinal cord from
shock and damage.

A good rule to go by is to drink half of your body
weight in ounces of water every day. To make
your water even better for your body be sure to
add a drop or two of an essential oil to it. It
will also help to make your water taste better.

To find out more about the very best essential
oils on the planet and all the ways that they
can help you visit:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.




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