Help for abuse.


Unfortunately there is a lot of abuse of others going on in the
world. I think this stems mainly from so many people not
loving themselves. If you don't value and love yourself it is
really hard to value and love others. When we don't like
ourselves we then in turn do things to others that we shouldn't
do. There is an epidemic of a lack of self love.

When children have been abused, they can become
disconnected from their inner child, or identity, which can
in turn cause confusion. A childs personality can become
fractured and this can then cause problems that surface in
early to mid-adult years. Adults abuse children oftentimes
because the wounds that they experienced as children
have never healed. A child can bring about the memories of
what that adult went through as a child.

Young Living has a wonderful essential oil blend called
Inner Child which can help to stimulate memory response
and can help one reconnect with the true inner-self or
identity. This is one of the first steps that is necessary
to finding emotional balance. The sense of smell is the
only thing that can help the brain and body to be able to
release stored negative emotions and trauma.

Another good blend to use with Inner Child would be Joy.
Joy can help to produce a magnetic energy that brings
joy to the heart, mind, and soul. Joy can help to overcome
deep-seated grief and help to balance low emotions.
The frequency of Joy is the same as the frequency of a
healthy heart.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the use of Inner
Child and Joy. Give them a try and see what positive
experiences you have.

To order Inner Child and Joy and to find out more about
all the wonderful ways that essential oils can benefit you

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


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