Have you talked till you're blue in the face and still no results?


Many people have spent lots of time talking to professionals
about their problems. For some people this can help but for
many it really never helps them to solve their problems and
they end up just spending a lot of time and money. There is
a good reason as to why so many are not getting the results
that they are looking for.

In the cerebral cortex is a structure called the amygdala
that is affected only by scent. Nothing else will work. The
amygdala is where the emotions and memories of life are
stored. So to be able to solve so many of the emotional
challenges that people have it would be good to use
something that can help the amygdala be able to
release stored negative emotions and trauma.

Essential oils have the ability to cross the blood-brain
barrier and to stimulate the amygdala. When this
happens buried feelings of past trauma, emotional
upset, and unhappy memories are often released to
the concious mind. When this happens these
feelings and consequences are brought to the
surface of awareness.

Many people are walking around as adults negatively
affected by something that happened as a child that
they could not deal with at that time so the negative
emotions were buried. As an adult someone may
have forgotten what happened but on a subconcious
level these negative emotions can be really holding
you back from having the life you have been
dreaming of. The negative emotions can affect who
you feel you deserve as a spouse. They can affect
what career you go into. They can affect what you
feel you are deserving of. They can even be the
cause of physical problems that you are having.

It has been found that many physical and emotional
problems completely disappear as negative emotions
and trauma are discovered and released. It is like you
have been able to finally find the key to be able to
release yourself from a self imposed prison. For many
people this has been life changing.

You can find out more about all the benefits of
essential oils and place your order at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


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