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The mother-son team of Cathy and Drake Eaton are winning medals,
breaking world records, and transforming the lives of thousands through
their personal training. Turns out this power duo has also been rocking
Young Living products for 20 years.

At 20 years old, Drake Eaton hovers around 198 pounds of pure muscle.
To see him is to see a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At such a young age, Drake's expertise and performances are sending
shockwaves throughtout the ultracompetitive worlds of powerlifting and
bodybuilding. In October he became the world junior champion and placed
second overall in the open men's division, winning six gold and two silver
medals at the AAU World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas.
During that meet, he set the world record in the strict curl, where he
competed in the RAW open men's 242-pound weight division. By
competing in that division Drake was lifting against men 24 to 40 years
old and from 17 different countries. Even more, Drake won the Southern
Powerlifting Federation national powerlifting competition in the junior
RAW division and is qualified for the Junior Olympics in powerlifting
later this year.

Through all the training that has led him to the top, there have been two
constants in Drake's life: his coach and mother, Cathy, and Young Living.

Cathy Eaton, a Young Living member, is a renowned fitness expert and
coach. She's had a personal training practice for 41 years; has earned
bachelor degrees in physical education and dance from the University of
Cincinnati, as well as a master's degree in exercise physiology; has
coached numerous elite-level sports, including AAU world powerlifting
and has served on the Olympic training center's outreach program as an
exercise physiologist and conditioning coach for figure skating; has taught
high school physical education and health and coached for 15 years; and
both she and Drake are certified personal trainers from the National Academy
of Sports Medicine.

At 58, Cathy stands 5'3" and has maintained her 109-pound frame and the
same body mass since 10th grade. Two months ago, she won five gold
medals and one silver medal during the SPF event. In October, she won a
gold medal at the AAU world powerlifting meet in the Masters Division
Feats of Strength strict curl.

"i'm an elite trainer and that's why I get the results I get. I work systematically
and holistically with each client I train," says Cathy. By implementing Young
Living's products with their workouts, my clients get the best results in life
they can get."

Drake has seen firsthand the products benefits. He's been using them since
before he was two years old. "I was raised on Young Living products," he says.
"I can attest to their effectiveness. I'm passionate about the oils and the blends,
which I diffuse daily at home and at the gym, and I really love the Wolfberry
Crisp Bars and NingXia Nitro."

For how much time both Cathy and Drake spend with elite athletes, they readily
agree that a balanced fitness program and Young Living products need to be part
of everyone's life.

Some of Cathy and Drake's favorite products:
Power Meal, Wolfberry Crisp Bars, Stevia, BLM, NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro,
essential oils of rosemary, Panaway, lavender, peppermint, and cypress.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Get started today with the very
best product line in wellness!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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