What the heck is in it?


When you do much research into products that people
purchase you realize that most companies you simply
can't trust. Their whole focus is simply on how much
money they can make. They don't care about people.

A man saw that there were some herbal products
that were composed of brick dust. He witnessed the
workers breaking down used bricks with hammers
into dust and then putting the dust into capsules to
be labeled and sold as supplements. They then bury
these under the real samples on top which are the
only ones tested for quality. Many supplements have
also tested positive for traces of all sorts of drugs.

Over 90% of all liquid natural flavors added to juices
and other drinks (and even frozen treats) have a base
of pure Propylene Glycol which is also known as

Take a look at Sunny D. It is a combination of sugar water,
yellow dye, preservatives, and propylene glycol which as
was stated above is antifreeze. There is only 5% juice.
Corn syrup is the number two ingredient and there are
also three different artificial sweeteners - neotame,
acesulfame K, and sucralose. Artificial sweeeteners are
something you definitely want to avoid. You can do the
research and find out why as I have.

Some companies will hide the propylene glycol in the
term “natural flavors.” Not very natural is it. When it
comes to the labels on most products so much is missing
from most labels and not everything on the label in
regards to what would be good for you most likely is
not in that product. Companies don't have to put
something on the label if they say it is a "trade secret".

Because of all the research I have done there are very
few companies I trust. One that I feel is the very best is
Young Living. It is the only company with the seed to
seal guaranty. They are a rare company in that they put
the best interests of people ahead of money.

I never have to wonder about toxic ingredients with any
of Young Living's products. Using these products is a
great way to eliminate so many of the worries that
people have when wondering what the heck to use so
that they and their loved ones are safe.

I encourage you to get started on the very best products
in wellness. Hundreds of products that can have very
positive benefits for you in every area of your life. They
can make a world of difference for you. No other product
line comes close. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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No neutral.


I like to simplify things. It makes life more enjoyable. When it
comes to wellness it helps to remember that there is no
neutral. If you are wanting to have vibrant health, to have
more energy, release excess fat, feel fantastic, then this
will help you to be able to get there more easily.

Most people already know what is good for them and what
isn't. You don't need a college degree for this. We are real
and the only things that are body can recognize and use
to its benefit are what is real.

So many of the things that are in products that people use
on themselves and take internally on a daily basis, including
what is called food, is made by people sitting in a lab. This
stuff isn't real. If you do much research you will see that
many of these things can cause lots and lots of problems.
So it is best to stay away from these if your goal is wellness.

One reason why I have been using Young Livings products
now for almost 19 years is because of their commitment to
real, to the very best, the highest of standards, and never
compromising. That is so important. They are one of the
very few companies in the world that puts people first ahead
of profit. They are the only company in the world with the
"Seed to Seal" guarantee. This is huge! They control and
know about what is going on every step of the way. You
can have the very best ingredients but those ingredients
can be ruined if one of the steps is not done properly. If
people only understood this they would realize just how
much money they are throwing away. You have enough
money. It is where you are spending it. Put it to better
use by using Young Living's products.

I have done lots of research over the past 25 years and
what I have found is that so many people, so much
information that comes out, so much of what the officials
want you to believe, simply isn't true. It is all the lies that
people are believing as truth that are doing so much
damage. Believing a lie as truth will never make it truth
no matter how long you believe it to be true or how bad
you want it to be true.

I remember when the founder of Young Living, Gary Young,
stated that if we had to we could live off of Ningxia Red
and Einkorn because of their nutritional profiles. I love
Ningxia Red. It supports all the systems of the body for 
wellness and it tastes delicious. We have a number of
products made with Einkorn. My favorite is the Einkorn
Granola. It tastes so good and makes a great and
healthy snack.

I feel so blessed to be able to have the very best products
delivered every month right to my door to help me on my
wellness journey. You too can have this. A simple way to
have the very best. It is a great way to eliminate so much
of what people worry about because it will always be the
very best in "real" for you and your family. Get started
today! It is one of the very best decisions you will ever make.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Clean living.


With our hundreds of products we make it easy to live
clean. We can help you to clean up every area of your
life and it's all delivered right to your door every month.

The typical person uses about 15 personal care
products every day. This would mean that the average
person is exposed to hundreds of chemicals, many of
these toxic, and this happening even before breakfast
time. I think you would agree that this isn't a very good
way to start off your day.

Due to all the toxins that surround us everywhere the
toxic load is starting from birth. The umbilical cord
blood has been tested with newborns and on average
200 chemicals have been detected. These chemicals
came from the mother and many of them have been
shown to be toxic to the brain and nervous system,
can cause cancer, and can cause birth defects.

Many of these chemicals cause problems with our
endocrine system. Hormones control everything that
goes on in the body. When taking a look at our
waterways and fish it was shown that the effects of
fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that ended
up in the water had a very negative impact on
aquatic life. Almost 100% of the fish had been
feminized. Over 90% of the male fish had eggs
in their testicles. One out of ten male frogs had
become completely feminized and 75% of male
frogs could not even reproduce anymore.

So what do you think is happening to people?
Because these products are being used on
crops they are going into people and causing
much the same problems. Look at the increase
in reproductive problems with people.

It is time that everyone switch to clean products,
fantastic products that will give you great
results. Products that have no toxins made by
a company that puts people first ahead of
profits. For the well being of yourself and those
you love you need to switch today.

See what millions around the world have
switched to and simply love. Once you get
started and see the results, you too will never
want to be without them. You don't have to
keep using toxic products. There is a better
alternative. Here it is: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Planning ahead.


One of the very best things that you can choose to do in life
is to plan ahead. Everyone knows that unexpected things
can happen in life. However, most don't think that they will
happen to them until they do.

Recently the federal government shut down for a little over
a month. After missing the first paycheck many federal
employees didn't know what they were going to do. Many
even had to go to food pantry's. It just showed how so
many people simply don't plan ahead.

I recently read an article that stated that 63 out of the 75
largest cities in the US are broke. They can't even pay
their bills. These cities don't have enough money to pay
people the pensions or health care that has been
promised to them. If you count on government to be
there for you you will be disappointed. Do you remember
Katrina? Just look at the federal government that is
trillions of dollars in debt. Politicians are not looking out
for you. How often have you looked to friends and family
for help and too many have not even found it there.
Reality is that the average person is looking out for

Animals plan ahead and so do insects but too many people
don't. Here are a couple of good ways to start planning
ahead as well as to prevent so many of the problems that
people encounter.

First get started with us with a Premium Starter Kit. It is
a fantastic value and is the best foundation for success
with us.

Second we have a loyalty program that starts off with
10% back in points that you can use to get products for
free. One of the smartest things that you will ever do
is to use our products every day. Most health problems
are due to what people do each and every day. To
their lifestyle. There are no other products on the
market that come close to ours. Using inferior products,
many of them filled with toxins, will cost you big time
in loss of health, loss of quality of living, and loss of
enjoyment of life. Our Essential Rewards program is
the best their is. You won't find a company more
generous than Young Living.

The third step is simply to share with others to let them
know that the very best products really do exist that
they too can have delivered right to their door and that
they too can develop an unlimited unstoppable income
simply by sharing. Because when someone unexpectedly
loses their job for a short time or permanently it can
throw them into a horrible abyss where they can end up
losing it all more quickly than they ever possibly imagined.

So do the very best thing today to get your plan going
so you can prevent so much of the heartache when the
unexpected can happen to you. Your plan for the very
best future starts here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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The hidden cause of so many problems.


George was living in California with his parents when storms caused
a levee to fail. Six feet of river water overran his parent’s home.

As they worked on the house they did not realize that mold would
be a problem. Anytime you deal with materials getting wet you will
have to be concerned with mold. There are many different strains
of mold but there are types of mold that can even be deadly. All
mold can cause problems.

The body and mind can become seriously compromised by
exposure to mold including the energy level becoming depleted,
the brain not thinking properly, and many other issues, most people,
including doctors will not even think that mold may be the cause of.

There are some doctors who are aware of the serious problems
with exposure to mold. One doctor always looks for this in his
patients and has seen where as many as 75% of his patients have
had the cause of their problems mainly be from exposure to mold.

George saw a doctor on television talking about the issues that
people can deal with when coming in contact with mold. When
George visited this doctor, the doctor said: 'I cannot believe you
are sitting in my office, you should be in the hospital; you have
the strongest immune system of anyone I have ever met'.

The treatment that this doctor gave George was 3 antibiotics and
1 steroid a day for three years! However, antibiotics and steroids
end up causing other problems with health.

Of course, George had to leave the house due to the problems
with mold and tried to find a rental that did not have mold.

All of his family members had challenges due to mold.

Finally, George moved to what he thought was a clean house but
discovered mold in the closets, garage, bathroom and outside
that he had not initially seen when he looked at it, and the first
day of living there he was having severe allergic reactions, again.

Of course, the problem was the original flooding, but mold also
causes health problems where the average humidity is over 60%,
which is about everywhere in the U.S. (except in the desert states).

Finally, he moved to a town in the California desert where the
humidity is only 10% in summer and 42% in winter. By comparison,
a state like Kansas has an 88% humidity all year long and Texas
has an 80% humidity all year long.

Of the 21.8 million people reported to have asthma in the U.S.,
approximately 4.6 million cases are estimated to be attributable
to dampness and mold exposure in the home. The national annual
cost of asthma that is attributable to dampness and mold exposure
in the home is $3.5 billion.

There are very effective natural ways that many have found work
well in dealing with issues with mold. Environmental engineers
have even tested the effectiveness. The very best and most
effective way to properly prevent and even eliminate mold is with
diffusing our Thieves essential oil and cleaning with our Thieves
cleaner. These are highly recommended and have a much higher
success rate than any other means available. No one should ever
be without our Thieves products. They can save you in so many
ways. Get started today at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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