The brainwashing.


There are many messages that are repeated over and over
from the time we are really little and then going all through
our life. If you really look into these messages you can see
that many don't make sense and that many are not true.

There are people who want to maintain control over others.
They want to manipulate others and a very effective way
of doing this is with messages that are repeated over and
over. This is brainwashing. If you benefit from people 
believing lies then of course you will not want them finding
out the truth.

The messages are in every area of society. If these
messages were true then there wouldn't be so many
problems. However, if you look at most any area of
society you can see lots of problems, many of these are
major problems. The problem is that there are too many
people in power and who are very wealthy who benefit
from the problems and so they keep continuing.

For many years I have taken a different path. To me it
is important to find out the truth. If you choose to do this
you might become just a little depressed because you
will see just how many people are lying. Either they know
that they are lying and they simply don't care or they
don't know that they are lying and are simply repeating
the messages that they have been taught without using
critical thinking. Either one is not acceptable.

Messages are very powerful. Whatever messages you
believe to be true are controlling how you think, what
you believe, and how you act. So if you have been
believing messages that simply aren't true then this
could have been really screwing you up. These messages
can be preventing you from having a much better life,
from having the life you were meant to have, the one
you were created to have.

One of the big areas where there are lots of untrue
messages is in the area of education. Much of what is
written in books that children are taught from simply
aren't true. So then what good is the education or should
I say indoctrination?

There is no guarantee of a job with a college degree
yet people will spend many thousands of dollars to obtain
one and go into debt. Things are constantly changing.
Many with masters degrees and even PhD's can't find a
job and are working two and three jobs to get by. It just
makes sense to start a home based business with us for
less than $200 where you have the ability to make an
unlimited income from the comfort of home.

I believe that anyone who takes a serious look at the
profession of network marketing comes to understand
that it is one of the very best professions that you
could possibly choose to spend your time, your life,
involved in. However, most of the companies in this
profession are not worth your time or talent. In
researching many hundreds of companies in the
great profession of network marketing one stands
far above all the rest, in all areas.

I encourage you to take a closer look and I believe
that anyone that does, and who understands what
is presented, will choose to join us. It just doesn't get
any better than this. We need to come together. The
answer is in helping each other.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Don't worry, be happy.


In life there are things to be concerned about. Things that are
unpleasant. With us none of those apply.

With us there are no negatives just endless possibilities for
good in every area of your life. The only reason why anyone
would not choose to be a part of this is because there is
something that they just don't understand. So I will simplify
it here.

* The very best products for wellness to help you in all
areas. We come from God and our body is designed to
function properly. Well being is what we are supposed to
have, not sickness. When we give our body the very best
tools to assist it we can save a lot of time, money, and
frustration. With us you don't have to settle any longer.
Why wouldn't you want to be using the very best? Plus
you are even able to get products for free every month.
We even have free shipping.

* Partnered with the very best products that people
love is a way to develop a growing income simply by
letting others know about this. We have lots of great
tools that make the sharing simple and fun. There is
no high pressure. We're not looking for hostages.
We're looking for volunteers that value their health and
want a raging waterfall of money flowing into their life.
Get excited, get engaged, or go home. This is the
place to be!

Once you understand you know that if you don't become
a part of this that it will be one of the biggest regrets of
your life. There is nothing else that comes close. That
is why so many from around the world decide to join
each and every day. They get it. You too can get it by
going through the information at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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People are drawn to it.


There are a whole lot of companies that you can choose to
buy from. However, as I have done research over the past
24 years I have found that most products are not of very
good quality and that many companies lie.

It is easier than you might think to start up a company,
have some manufacturing company put cheap ingredients
in and then slap a pretty label on the product and sell
it to unsuspecting people. Then they hype up these
worthless products which may contain ingredients
that can even harm you. 

Many of the products don't even have what is on the
label. In the marketplace too many people are totally
focused on money and will do whatever they can get
away with to cut corners so that they can inflate their
bank account. There is an epidemic of people and
companies that simply don't care.

Young Living is a unique company in the world. It puts
people first before profit. It is a company that is
grounded in integrity and honesty and truly cares about
doing the right thing no matter what. No compromising
ever, even though this has sometimes cost them
millions of dollars.

This is just one reason why I am so proud to be a part
of Young Living and proudly share with as many as I
can each and every day. Each person has more power
than they think they do and one of the ways to
exercise that power is to control where your money
goes. Quit buying from so many of the companies that
simply don't care.

Young Living cares about people and the planet and
producing the very best products that can make
positive differences in every area of your life. Once
anyone really understands about this wonderful,
company and all that is done to produce the very
best products on the planet, the only smart decision
is to join us, step up to better with our products,
and share with abandon so others can know that
they don't have to settle any longer, that there are
better options.

Young Living is growing over 200% each month,
after 24 years of doing business. That is almost
unheard of in any industry. We get paid for helping
others to enjoy great products, great health, and
a great lifestyle filled with fun and excitement.

I encourage you to take a closer look and see
why so many from around the world make the
smart choice to be a part of this. Using the very
best products in the world can save you lots
of time, money, and frustration and sharing
this with others can set you free financially.
What a blessing Young Living is to the world
and if you choose to join us to your world.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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So much more.


If you ask most people they aren't very happy with what they
are doing as a profession. When you look over a lifetime you
will be spending a lot of time working. It would be sad to look
back over your life and see that for most of that time, what
you traded your life for, you didn't really enjoy. 

Most people focus on the money. If you are honest with
yourself money and stuff don't make you happy. Of course
you need money for necessities but people try to fill up
the emptiness inside with more money and stuff and it
just never does it.

Many people turn to network marketing not just for the
ability to develop a growing monthly income but also
because of what it is associated with. It is so much
more than a typical profession.

A profession in network marketing is about faith, hope,
belief, inspiration. It's about connecting with other
people on a deep level and helping them to believe in
themselves. It's about helping others to reach down
deep and use their God given talents. It's like God gave
us network marketing so that we could use it to find the
best in ourselves and in others.

Network marketing is one of the very best professions
to help you to discover and develop the very best in
yourself. it takes effort and with that effort it can
prove to be much more rewarding in so many ways
than most any other profession. While you become
better you can offer that gift to anyone and everyone
else that you encounter.

I have researched many network marketing businesses
over the past 24 years. In my opinion none other
come close to the one that I chose over 18 years ago.
I encourage you to take a closer look and see if it
might be the right fit for you. I would love to help you
be the very best you that you can be.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Messengers of hope.


One of the most important things in life is having hope. No
matter what the challenge if you have hope you can hang
on for another day because your problem just might be
solved. You can hang on just a little bit longer because
you still have hope in a good outcome.

I love being a part of Young Living because Young Living
is all about hope. With the very best products in wellness
to help you in every area of life we give people hope and
so many have found solutions to their challenges when
nothing else that they had tried worked. Pure essential
oils are the greatest healing modality known and when
they are added to products they make those products
so superior to anything else on the market. 

When people use our products many see results that
they never thought they would. Some people have
had their hope tested for decades but once they
start using our products and finally see the results
that they have been looking for they are so thankful
that they didn't give up on hope. For so many it is
an answer to their prayers.

Because of the results that so many receive they
just can't stop telling others about these wonderful
life changing products and are surprised at how
they are able to develop a growing income simply
by sharing something wonderful with others. They
had hope that they would be able to get out from
under the crushing weight of debt and Young Living
was the answer. Young Living gave them hope along
with a growing income to put their bank account
into the black and to never have to worry again
about how they were going to pay their monthly
bills. Young Living gave them hope, security, and

We are messengers of hope for both physical and
financial wellness. We celebrate daily victories of
wellness in all areas, finances increasing, true
freedom, and lives being infused with passion
because of these products and this opportunity.
You have the chance to be a part of this!

I encourage you to take a closer look and to join
us. There is a reason why one of our essential
oil blends is named Hope and it is one that
every person should have.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


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