For wellness control what you do and how you think.


The more I have learned about meat and dairy the more I have
stayed away from them for wellness. Most food is irradiated
which isn't a good thing for you. Just another reason to choose
organic. The FDA approved radiation dose for meats is about
150 million times more radiation than the standard chest x-ray.
Irradiation does nothing to remove the feces, urine, pus, and
vomit that often contaminate meat and irradiation does not
kill all pathogens including mad cow disease. The FDA says
that it is not uncommon for some feedlot operators to mix
industrial sewage into feed to reduce costs and fatten animals
more quickly. Factory farmed animals live a very unhealthy
life, are pumped with antibiotics and steroids, and are very
sick. This is what you are eating if you choose animal products.

One of the things that weakens the immune system the most
is a lack of enzymes. The immune system relies almost totally
on enzymes to do its job. Enzymes must be replaced regularly.
Supplementation with enzymes increases macrophages by
700% and killer cells by 1300%. Supplementing with enzymes
everyday is very important for wellness.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, was an amazing man.
He had a research clinic in Mexico as well as a family practice
in California. His work was of such magnitude that he received
the Humanitarian Award. Gary was one of only six ever awarded
at the time for his research and successful treatment of
degenerative disease by the State Medical Examiner's Office of
Baja, California. So much of what Gary did led to making Young
Living the world leader in essential oils. With inhalation of
essential oils immediately the brain secretes antibodies,
endorphins, and neurotransmitters. At Alester University in
Ireland they diffused essential oils into an atmosphere that
had 210 colonies of bacteria and all 210 colonies were

In the US the mainstream medical system is the number 1
cause of death. In the next 22 minutes at least 100 Americans
will die under the care of conventional doctors. Just another
good reason to do all you can to take care of your health.
Dr. Gary Young did medical work in the jungles of Ecuador.
He found that the combination of the essential oils of
valerian, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint helped people
tremendously with controlling discomfort after surgery. No
pain pills were needed. This was done with at least 132
people. Support the body and it can do amazing things. It
has been known since 1938 that abnormal PAP smears are
associated with a folic acid deficiency and that taking folic
acid can cause the PAP smear to return to normal.

When the FDA approves a drug they know less than half
of the serious side effects. When adverse reactions
happen less than 1% are reported to the FDA. When
they are reported back to the FDA over 99% of the time
all that happens is a change in the label on the drug or
package insert. Everyone is unique so whenever
someone uses something made by a drug company
no one knows what will happen. It is an experiment
each and every time. Many are choosing a more natural
path for wellness. Quality matters when it comes to
supplements. There has been much research done that
has shown that at least 97.5% of supplements on the
market are either toxic or don't work. Everyone can
benefit from our premium products.

Choose to thrive and succeed with us and to be part of
the solution.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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The right thoughts and actions support wellness.


Dr. Cynthia Thalk says that, "Every thought and every emotion causes an
instantaneous cascade of hundreds, if not thousands, of neuropeptides
and hormones that orchestrate a symphony of positive and negative
effects within the body." Essential oils promote the positive. Man-made
frequencies promote problems. Dr. Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy
microwave weapons expert, reveals that there are at least 8,300 military
papers proving that frequencies coming from wireless mobile devices
cause severe neurological and physical damage.

A woman in hospice care was introduced to Young Living's products
and eventually no longer needed hospice care. She wanted to go back
to school to get her Masters degree. However, she didn't want to take
the final exam. She asked the professor if there was any way to get
out of taking the final exam. The professor said that if everyone in the
class got a 4.0 grade point average then no one would have to take
the final exam. The woman hid a diffuser in the classroom and
diffused lemon oil daily. All 24 students in the class got a 4.0 so
there was no final exam. None of the other students were aware
that lemon oil was being diffused.

Natural solutions can be very effective and are much safer for you
and the planet. Many have been able to eliminate termites by
putting water in a spray bottle and adding 20 drops of each of
these essential oils - Thieves, Oregano, Lemongrass, Purification,
and Orange. Simply spray on a regular basis the affected area.
Monica shared aromatherapy with Jan, a 15-year real estate
agent. Jan had been trying to sell a condominium that had been
on the market for 6 months. After diffusing Abundance and
Gathering essential oils in the condo it sold in 8 days. The
owner said, "I received an offer for more than I ever thought
I would get for it."

The more you understand about the mainstream health care
system the more you will want to take care of your health
each and every day. Doctors are often wrong. A 91-year-old
woman in Poland startled morgue workers by moving around
after she had been in "cold storage" for 11 hours. A doctor
could not detect any heartbeat and declared her dead and
sent her off to the morgue. Luckily she was not buried alive.
The FDA has approved vaccines made from human cancer
cells because the traditional method of culturing normal
animal tissue takes too long. Excerpts from a meeting in
2012 shows that both health regulators and vaccine
manufacturers are aware that cancer-derived vaccines can
cause cancer.

For wellness you need good nutrition. Wellness cannot
happen without good nutrition. There are endless studies
that have been done. A study of 247 nurses between the
ages of 56 and 71 who had used vitamin C for longer than
10 years was associated with a 77% lower rate of cataract
formation. A study found that not a single person over
the age of 65 who had been taking more than 500 mg of
vitamin C or 400 IU of vitamin E daily developed
Alzheimer's disease. A study conducted in Canada with
2,313 men demonstrated that vitamin supplements
reduced the risk for death due to coronary artery
disease by 69%.

Get started on a better path today. Choose to thrive and
succeed with us.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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When it comes to wellness you get to choose the path.


For your wellness you get to choose the path you want to go
on. Choose wisely and choose the path of truth.

In the curriculum where someone was studying to be a
naturopath one of the questions was which were the only
essential oils that could be trusted for purity. The answer?
Young Living. A 15 year old girl just couldn't seem to get
past the fifth grade level in learning and reading. Her
family had tried everything including numerous tutors.
After applying Sacred Frankincense essential oil to her
head and having her inhale the oil for about four weeks
she was able to get to the tenth grade learning level. z

Frank and Cathy are both 43 and both are diagnosed
with plantar fasciitis. Both go to the doctor. Frank
decides to use a couple of essential oils that help
assist the body with discomfort and help the body to
heal and in a few months everything is back to
normal. Cathy follows the doctors advice and ends
up having to have three surgeries, is off her feet for
most of a year, and ends up with a staph infection
that threatens her life.

For wellness go organic. In processed foods there are
many toxic chemicals. At least 65% are recognized as
health hazards, 35% are suspected of causing cancer,
12% are hormone disruptors, and 41% are acutely
toxic. Another threat to your health is medicine.
Modern medicine knows less than 10% of what your
body instinctively knows. 98.5% of medical errors
are not reported. Researchers in Russia gave
gunshot-wounded animals either antibiotics or
probiotics and found the probiotics were more
effective at preventing infection.

A study by Dr. Hirsch found that when a mixed
floral aroma was diffused throughout a room of
calculus students they increased their speed of
learning by 230%! Our essential oil blend Clarity
was used in a study with college students. It showed
that when they used Clarity they had a 28% increase
in test scores. There are many chemicals in perfume
and cologne that are linked to asthma attacks,
headaches, infertility, thyroid problems, and even
cancer. Just some more good reasons to ditch the
perfume and cologne and switch to essential oils.
Master Sergeant Jess Johnson suffered for 45 years
of trauma that started during the Vietnam war.
What was finally able to help him was essential

Dr. Hamer has done research since 1979 that has
proven that many diseases originate from an
unexpected shock or trauma. Prior to developing
cancer every one of his patients had gone through
a very stressful episode. He has confirmed this in
over 40,000 case studies. Many feel that most
physical problems have a connection to stored
negative emotions. Dr. Sharma, MD of Canada
admits that the most common "mental disorders"
for which drugs and therapy are prescribed
have absolutely no scientific validity. There is
not a single tangible piece of evidence to show
that any of the more than 300 official mental
disorders even exist.

Get started today on a better path. It is one of
the wisest choices you will ever make. Choose
to succeed with us!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Time to release the excess?


One component of our Slique system to help you to release excess
fat is our Slique Tea. In our Slique Tea is Jade Oolong tea which has
been found to: double the amount of fat being excreted by the body,
supports the health of the skin, cardiovascular system, the cells, the
mouth, brain, immune system, supports healthy blood pressure,
supports proper cholesterol levels, and supports proper blood sugar
levels. Another ingredient in our Slique Tea is Ecuadorian ocotea leaf
which has been shown to: help the body to eliminate parasites, help
the body to handle fungus, promotes proper blood thickness,
supports the health of the cells, supports proper weight levels,
supports proper respiratory function, and supports proper cortisol
levels. Our Slique Tea tastes delicious and can support so many
areas of your health for wellness. The only way you can benefit
from Slique Tea is by drinking it. One of the best things you can do
every day is to take a Slique Tea break.

Another product in our Slique line is our Slique Slim caps. They
support: healthy cortisol levels, the health of all the systems in
the body, helps the body handle fungus, supports proper blood
pressure, helps the body eliminate excess fat, promotes proper
sleep, helps to balance mood, supports proper cholesterol and
triglyceride levels, helps to reduce cravings, helps the body
eliminate toxins, and supports healthy blood. You won't find
better products to help you eliminate excess fat while at the
same time supporting wellness.

Young Living is the only essential oil company to have its own
farms. By sourcing 100 percent of our oils from corporate-owned
farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, we
have total visibility of the production of our oils—from seeding
and cultivating to harvesting and distilling. The Ningxia Wolfberry
Farm and Distillery is located in central China and covers about
25,000 square miles. All of our NingXia products are made
possible thanks to the wolfberries, wolfberry puree, and
wolfberry seed oil sourced at this farm.

A small study was done of the effects of Sacred Frankincense oil
when inhaled. The results were that: learning blockages
improved by 67%, reading difficulties improved by 63%, memory
problems improved by 80%, motivation issues improved by 33%.
Asked if using Sacred Frankincense led to significant changes in
their life, 80% said yes. Sacred Frankincense is an essential oil
that can benefit you on all levels.

Step up to better today and experience all the benefits and
blessings for yourself.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Raise the frequency for wellness.


According to Dr. Valnet, a doctor put some microbe laden air from
the hospital into a flask containing just a few drops of essential oils,
40% of the microbes were eliminated in 20 minutes, 80% in an
hour, and 100% in nine hours. For the very best quality air more
and more people are diffusing essential oils every day in every

Two men each had a measured frequency of 66 hertz. One simply
held a cup of coffee and his frequency dropped to 58 hertz in 3
seconds. The other man drank the coffee and his frequency
dropped to 52 hertz in 3 seconds. The man that drank the coffee
did not use essential oils and it took 3 days for his frequency to
go back up to where it had originally been. The man that just held
the cup of coffee, he simply inhaled the essential oil blend RC and
his frequency returned to his original frequency within 21 seconds.
Essential oils have been found to help the body re-establish normal
frequency. It has been shown that disease begins at 58 hertz, flu at
57 hertz, candida at 55 hertz, Epstein Barr at 52 hertz, and cancer
at 42 hertz.

Movement is critical to wellness. Movement helps to lubricate the
joints. Lack of movement makes the immune system weaker. When
you don't move your body enough blood vessels become weaker
and thinner and blood pressure goes up because the heart gets
weaker. Research suggests that regular exercise delays or even
reverses age-related brain decline. It has been shown that
exercise was significantly more important than calcium intake
for keeping bones strong. Exercise also helps the body to
naturally remove toxins.

Many chiropractors have found that by applying our Valor oil on
the bottom of the feet and on the spine, that spinal manipulations
are easier to do and last 75% longer. Our Sulfurzyme product is
one of the most powerful in supporting complete body cleansing.

Gary Young was giving a lecture and a doctor who was there
thought it was a bunch of hogwash. Gary told him to bring his
toughest patient to him. The doctor came back with a red-faced,
overweight gentleman of over 70 years of age. This man could
hardly make it up the stairs and was breathing heavily. The
doctor said that for twenty years he had been trying to get this
patient's blood pressure to normalize, without success. Gary
took out his case of essential oils and started applying them to
this man. Within an hour and a half the man's blood pressure
was normal and it stayed that way for many months. Those
oils were put into a blend which is our Aroma Life.

Every area of your life can benefit by using premium products
every day. Support your wellness journey each and every day
by using the very best.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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