Making a difference.


What you do each and every day makes a difference.
Sometimes that difference can be seen immediately,
sometimes the difference may take years, and
sometimes the difference will happen after you
leave this planet.

The important thing is to focus each and every day
on the little details that can add up to making a
big and positive difference in your life, in the lives
of others, and on this planet.

There are simple things that everyone can do.
They are not difficult they just take doing. Every
day we have choices that we are faced with. For
most people it is hard to change habits even if
the habits they have are making them sick or
even killing them. However, making the changes
that will lead you down the path of improvement
are definitely worth it. 

Make a small change each week and after a
year you have made 52 small changes that
can have a very positive impact on your life.
After a year you will look back and see that
you didn't waste yet another year but that
you were willing to make the small changes
and your life is much better for it.

Everything is in how you look at it. Look at
making small changes as something that
will be fun. After you have successfully
integrated a small change into your life then
reward yourself. Make it a game that by
making these small changes you will be
a big winner. When others see the positive
impact that your changes are having on 
you it can then influence them also to do

I encourage you to join us and start making
small changes that will have a very positive
impact in all areas of your life. We have
hundreds of products that I believe you will
grow to love and not ever want to be
without, just like millions around the world.
Love yourself enough to make a positive
difference in your life by making the
small changes. With each person that
does this the world in turn becomes a
better place. Start today.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Unique ways to be Savvy.


Here are some fun and unique ways to use our Savvy Minerals
Makeup. Place your order today and give them a try!

Savvy Minerals is the very best makeup on the market and people
who use and love the products have found some neat tricks. Here
are some that might help you too.

• Apply our Lavender Lip Balm as a base on your eyelid before you
apply your Savvy eyeshadow.
• You can use your blush colors as lip liners! Simply use the eyeliner
brush to apply the blush foiled around the outer part of your lips before
you apply your lipstick. It works great!
• Since ditching the toxins in your home, do you miss your beloved
dry shampoo? Well, you don’t have to anymore! You can use our
foundation or multitaskers as a replacement for dry shampoo!
Minerals bind to oil and can help absorb excess!
• Combine Summer Loved or Crowned All Over with our Lavender
Hand and Body Lotion to create a body bronzer! This gives your
skin a temporary glow that you may want for a special occasion.
• Combine your foundation with a small amount of the Seedlings®
Diaper Rash Cream. You can use this as an undereye concealer!
Undereye circles are no longer visible!
• Combine your foundation powder with Sheerlume™ or your
preference of Young Living moisturizers, to create a liquid-like
foundation. The coverage is lighter, but it does create a good
base layer if you are looking for something hydrating with a little

Those are just a few tips and tricks that can help you enhance
your natural beauty and put your best face forward. You will
simply love our Savvy Minerals Makeup and all the other hundreds
of fantastic products that we have. Time for you to experience
what stepping up to better can do for you don't you think?

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Better beauty.


We have the very best line of makeup that you can use to enhance your
natural beauty. So what makes our Savvy Minerals different?

When we want to live healthier, we typically think about what we put in
our bodies, but what we put on our bodies is just as important! Your
skin is your largest organ, and it’s like a sponge. Body washes, lotions,
deodorants, and cosmetics that you slather on your skin get absorbed
into your body. If your makeup is filled with toxins such as lead,
parabens, bismuth, endocrine-disrupting phthalates, and other harsh
chemicals, they can also get absorbed into your body.

Here are eight reasons to switch to Savvy Minerals makeup:
1. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is formulated with clean ingredients
and no fillers. Many mineral makeup lines contain minerals, which are
good, but still contain fillers like talc that have been shown to be
carcinogenic. Many of the chemicals used in commercial makeup
lines are harmful to the endocrine system. Savvy Minerals are
formulated without bismuth, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals,
or synthetic fragrances. Our mineral powders contain minerals,
aspen bark extract, and kaolin clay to provide smooth and
polished skin without harmful ingredients.

2. Savvy Minerals is great for sensitive skin. Because our mineral
makeup is formulated without harsh chemical ingredients, it won’t
irritate your skin like chemical-laden cosmetics. This makes it
perfect for all ages.

3. Savvy Minerals makeup is made with non-nanoparticle minerals.
This means the minerals are not small enough to get into your
cells and bloodstream where they can potentially cause damage.
Any mineral, or any substance, can be potentially dangerous if it
is a nanoparticle. They are so tiny that about 100,000
nanoparticles would fit in the width of a human hair! Because of
the extremely small size of these particles, their properties can
be very different from the properties of larger particles of the
same material.

4. Savvy Minerals is cruelty-free. It’s not just about our physical
health and good looks, Savvy Minerals is better for our animal
friends. Our makeup is not tested on animals, and all of the
products have vegetarian or vegan-friendly formulas. In fact,
all Savvy Minerals products have a vegan formula except for
the lipsticks that contain beeswax.

5. Savvy Minerals provides all-day, long lasting coverage.
Mineral makeup binds to oil while conventional liquid makeup
binds to water. Our mineral formulas allow the minerals to
bind to the oil in your skin and give you natural, all-day

6. Savvy Minerals provides easy application. Have you ever
heard, “I like the idea of mineral makeup, but it’s too hard to
apply.” Using the Savvy Minerals Misting Spray, a foundation
brush, and applying minerals to a freshly primed face makes
a huge difference in coverage. The Misting Spray is not
meant to be a setting spray, it was designed to lightly wet
your brush so it can pick up minerals easier, prevent mineral
fall out, and ensure a smooth application. Before you apply
your minerals, priming your face with our Hydrating or
Mattifying Primers will help the minerals bind to your face
and last longer.

7. Savvy Minerals provides a buildable look. Our mineral
makeup is perfect for when you have five minutes and are
going for a natural look or when you have more time and
want a bold, dramatic look. The minerals layer and build
on each other, so it’s great for a natural, dramatic, or
anything in between look. You can layer eyeshadows,
blush, bronzer, and foundation as dark or light as you want.

8. Savvy Minerals provides great versatility. Minerals are
so versatile that you can mix and match products, as well
as blend your colors together. Dark No. 2 foundation
makes a great contour; Crushin’ and Spoiled eyeshadow
shades look great as blush; and Residual eyeshadow
shade can be used as a highlighter! You can apply your
makeup wet, also known as foiling, and get a totally
different color compared to when you apply the same
color dry. Make a tinted moisturizer by mixing foundation
with your moisturizer. Mix a bronzer with lotion for
sun-kissed legs. Use MultiTasker as a root coverup. The
options are endless!

Each Savvy Minerals product is created with quality, purity,
and safety in mind, so you can feel great about what you
are putting on your face and your look. Make the switch to
something better with our Savvy Minerals today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Must haves no matter where you go.


Germs are everywhere and sinks are not. Thieves Spray and Thieves
Waterless Hand Purifier are on-the-go cleaners that are perfect for
when you are running errands, traveling, or away from home! When
you clean a surface with water and soap, the ingredients of most
products only partially wash off, and when you use hand purifiers or
cleaning sprays, ingredients in them will absorb into your skin. This
is why it is really important to be aware of the ingredients in your

When looking for a hand sanitizer or cleaning spray that is safe for
your skin, make sure the active ingredients are plant based. For
example, look for naturally derived alcohol, instead of triclosan.
Triclosan, or triclocarban, is an antibiotic compound that has been
used in an array of products, from cleaning to oral care, for years.
Last September, the FDA banned the use of triclosan and 18 other
chemicals commonly used in antibacterial consumer products
because evidence shows it disrupts hormone cycles, causes
negative health effects, and could even cause antibiotic resistance.

If you are looking for better alternatives, without triclosan, you
need to try Thieves Spray and Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier.
Thieves Spray is a portable essential oil spray ideal for cleaning
small surfaces. Just one small spray freshens surfaces using
only naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and the powerful
spicy-citrus scent of Thieves essential oil blend. It is a great
option to use around children and pets and the perfect size to
throw in a purse, backpack, or luggage!

We love using Thieves Spray on:
• Light switches
• Kitchen sinks
• Door knobs
• Public toilet seats
• Bathroom counters
• Smelly shoes
• And more!

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is another must because it is
effective, safe, and gentle enough for your hands, especially
if soap and water aren’t an option! Not only will this product
cleanse and purify your hands, it will also keep them
moisturized and protected.

You’ll love that Thieves Hand Purifier has a plant-derived
formula with safe ingredients that you can trust, including
denatured alcohol, water, aloe barbadensis leaf powder,
glycerin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Peppermint oil, Clove oil,
Lemon peel oil, Eucalyptus Radiata oil, Rosemary oil, and
Cinnamon Bark oil.

Here are a few things to consider about our Thieves Hand
• Hydroxypropyl cellulose is a plant-derived thickener and
comes from cotton. Similar products on the market use an
ingredient called Carbopol polymer instead, which is
derived from petroleum. No, thank you!
• Denatured alcohol is denatured using essential oils such
as Peppermint. Other commercial products on the market
use chemical denaturants.

For the very best on the go cleaners you don't ever want
to be without our Thieves Spray and Thieves Waterless
Hand Purifier. Stock up today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Toxins, toxins everywhere so you must wash and spray.


Young Living’s Thieves® Fruit and Veggie Soak is the best way to
safely clean your produce without having to worry about lingering
additives, synthetics wax or dirt! As you soak your fruits and veggies,
it effectively cleans with the power of three exclusive essential oil
blends—DiGize, Thieves, and Purification. When combined with the
other naturally derived ingredients, like Decyl glucoside, produce is
easily and conveniently cleaned.

Decyl glucoside is the plant-based surfactant used in many Thieves
products. It is a plant derived ingredient used to effectively remove
dirt wax and other surface impurities.

To use, just add Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak to a basin of water,
soak for a few minutes, scrub (if needed), rinse, and enjoy eating
your fruits and vegetables as nature intended!

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray is great for single use servings or
when you are away from home. It is small and portable for
convenient use at home or school. The convenient 2 oz. spray
bottle fits in a purse, backpack, or carry-on, making it easily
accessible. With just a few spritzes, you can quickly and efficiently
clean fruits and vegetable no matter where you are.

Even if you’re buying organic produce, a fruit and veggie wash
will help clean your product from wax, dirt, and other surface
impurities. You never know who has touched your produce at
the store!

Thoroughly washing the produce you buy is very important.
Many research studies say that insecticides, fungicides, and
plant growth regulators can build up in our body.

You want to be using our Fruit and Veggie Wash and Spray on
all of your fruit and vegetables. These are must have products
that you will never want to be without. Get yours today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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