Going above and beyond.


For those willing to take an honest look and have an open mind
and an open heart will see why Young Living is a company you
want to be a part of. Products that work better than any other
product line that can help you to improve in every area of your
life. Partnered with this is a fantastic way to develop an unlimited
income simply by sharing the best with others. Here are a few
examples as to how Young Living goes way above and beyond
any other company in the world.

1. The farm manager, Nicholas Landel of the Young Living farm
in France, has been working hard to find ways to ensure the
fields don’t need any pesticides and that our farms maintain
better than organic practices. He tried goats but they ate the
lavender plants. He tried a few different breeds of sheep and
they ate the lavender plants too. He finally found a specific
breed of sheep that eat everything EXCEPT the lavender plants!
And they provide really natural organic fertilizer.

2. Young Living ensures that our farms never have children
working on them. They found that on our Bulgaria partner farm,
gypsies were often coming into the area and working on the
farm with their children. Young Living gave the farm a grant to
build a school and to hire a teacher so that when the gypsies
come into town, the children can get a free education and are
not providing child labor.

3. Did you know that Young Living AIR-ships their essential oils
from the farms all over the world???? Do you realize how much
money it costs to do that vs shipping it via freighter or ship? The
reason why is so that there are less touch points for the oils so
that Young Living maintains control of their essential oils at all

4. Young Living is a debt-free company . Our new headquarters in
Utah is the greenest building in the entire state of Utah. There is
a water filtration system for all of the employees that cost over
$1 million dollars. No plastic water bottles are allowed in the
building. They use gray water for the landscaping outside and
inside the building.

5. Our warehouse got rid of their dumpster. Everything in the
warehouse is now recycled or reused! Nothing goes to the

No other essential oil company goes to these lengths to ensure
their oils are the cleanest and most pure on the market AND the
most sustainable supply with fair trade practices.

If you’re using essential oils, make sure you know the heart of
the company you’re buying from. Once you do the research you
will only want to choose Young Living! Get started today right
here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Promoting healthy emotions.


One of the most important things for wellness is having
healthy and positive emotions. More and more doctors
are seeing the connection between physical problems
and emotional problems. Releasing negative emotions
has helped many to also release the physical challenges
that they have been battling with sometimes for

Negative emotions are stored in our cells and can cause
lots of problems for the rest of our lives. That is why it
is so important to work on releasing the negative emotions.

Diffusing pure essential oils is one of the easiest and best
ways to support and promote positive emotions and to
help your body to release the negative ones. By inhaling
essential oils they go to the area of the brain that controls
emotion and memory. Our body knows what to do with
essential oils and how best to use them. Essential oils are
one of the very best tools that the body can use for

Essential oils can be the key to a more fulfilling and balanced
emotional life. Here are some good oils to try and see what
positive benefits you can receive: Joy, Lavender, Orange,
Bergamot, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Peppermint,
Jasmine, and Frankincense.

Using our products can have a positive impact on every area
of your life. Ready to step up to better? It all starts right here:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Always giving.


Young Living is one of the very most generous and caring
companies that exists which is why I love sharing it with
others. Being associated with Young Living is such a blessing
that can have a positive impact on every area of your life.

Recently Young Living donated 11,597 acres to create a
conservation easement. The largest conservation easement
donation to The Nature Conservancy in the history of the
state of Utah is dedicated to Young Living Founder D. Gary Young.

The donated property is located in the Uinta Mountain foothills
near Tabiona and plays a pivotal ecological role to native wildlife.
The land serves as a migratory corridor and has large herds of elk
and deer migrating between their summer and winter ranges. The
donation will also ensure the preservation of ancient Native
American petroglyphs carved by the ancestors of the Ute tribes.

In Gary Young’s honor, Young Living will dedicate the property as
the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is one of
several commitments Young Living has made to honor its founder’s
legacy and its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, Young Living’s industry-leading 5×5 Pledge includes a
commitment to lead in protecting and preserving nature by reducing
the company’s global operations to zero-waste status within five years.

You couldn't make a better decision than to join us, use our fantastic
products that can benefit every area of your life, and share with
others so that they too can be blessed. Nothing else comes close to
Young Living. It all starts here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Rediscovery of the very best for wellness.


For centuries people have used essential oils in their
everyday life. There are more than 200 references in
the Bible to essential oils. In the Bible it states that
essential oils are used for anointing and the healing
of the sick. Young Living has products that can help
you in every area of your life, infused with the very
best essential oils in the world. That is one reason
why our products work so much better than any
others produced.

For decades many forgot about how well essential
oils could work in supporting wellness. Gary Young
is considered the modern day pioneer that brought
back and helped to make essential oils so popular
again. Young Living is the company that Gary Young
founded and Young Living is doing so many things
that no one else in the world is doing to benefit
people, animals, and the planet.

Young Living offers more than 300 essential oil singles
and blends. We have essential oils that can be applied,
diffused, and with our Vitality oils, oils that can be
ingested and used in cooking.

Essential oils are considered the first medicine and many
call them "God's medicine". Essential oils are the very
best tool for the body to use to go back to balance which
is what wellness is. When we are out of balance we can
experience what are known as symptoms. Symptoms are
the bodies cry for help, it has gone out of balance.

What worked so well for centuries still works so well
today. That is if you are using Young Living. Young Living
is the only company that has the Seed To Seal Guarantee.
Their promise of producing the very best and never
compromising is why they are the only company I trust
and why I have been using their fantastic products for
over 19 years.

I encourage you to get started today and experience all
of the benefits for yourself. Using these products and
sharing them with others are two of the very best
decisions you will ever make. Lives are changed and
blessed every day around the world and now it's time
for you! It all starts right here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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The real deal.


I see lots of product lines marketed. If they really
understood Young Living they would quit marketing
what they are marketing and join us. There are no
other products that come close to ours. Just give them
a try and you too will agree.

We are all about wellness without compromise. Our
pure, potent, and natural products provide effective
results without harmful side effects. Wellness seekers
around the world are joining us every day and are
seeing why so many choose Young Living over any
other product line.

Anyone can make an oil that smells good but only
Young Living delivers proven health results. Every
single bottle of our oil has the optimal level of
beneficial plant properties.

Essential oils are the most powerful healing modality
known. They are the very best tools for the body to
use to go back into balance and that is what wellness
is. When you are out of balance is when you have

Essential oils come from different parts of plants. They
help to defend the plant, they are the immune system
of the plant, and are vital for the plant to grow, live,
evolve, and adapt. Essential oils are far more potent
than herbs. Herbs are dead while essential oils are the
living substance of the plants. There are endless benefits
for good in every single drop of essential oils.

Experience all of the benefits for yourself. Get started
today! It's one of the very best decisions you will ever
make for yourself and your family. It all starts right
here: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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