There are better options.


You’re at the store or looking online and you see a cleaner. It makes
promises of a germ-free environment. You assume it’s safe for use.
Most people assume cleaning products have been tested and are
safe for use, but that's not true.

Just because a commercial cleaner promises a germ-free environment
doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden dangers and risks associated with it:
• Conventional cleaning products contain many endocrine-disrupting
chemicals that can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, cellular
health, thyroid, adrenal glands, and even mental clarity.
• Indoor air quality is five to seven times more toxic than outdoor air
quality mainly due to conventional cleaners.
• Studies show that many toxicants invade our bodies. They have been
found in blood, urine and breast milk, as well as in the umbilical cord
blood of newborns.
• Nurses who used disinfectants to clean surfaces at least once a week
had a 24 percent to 32 percent increased risk of developing lung disease.
• Regular use of cleaning sprays can have as much of an impact on
health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, according to this study.

Companies have not had to clear even a basic safety review before
using a chemical in a consumer product. The government has had to
prove that a substance caused harm in order to control or replace a
dangerous chemical. Join the millions around the world that are saying
enough is enough and using our products to have a clean and safe
environment. You too can take back your control. It all starts here:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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What can we do?


Feeling overwhelmed or like every product is harmful to your body?

I’ve been there too.

Take a deep breath, at first it may seem impossible to have a chemical
free home, but don’t be overwhelmed. There are a few simple, practical
changes that can make a huge impact on your home.

The first step to a chemical free home is to become aware. Understand
that there are chemicals found in many household products that can be
harmful to your health.

Step 2: Focus on avoiding chemicals you can control, like the products
you choose to have in your home.

Step 3: Educate yourself on ingredients and chemicals you should avoid.

Step 4: Take action. You don’t need to replace every single product in
your home tomorrow. Transitioning to a healthy, plant-based home is a
lifestyle journey and you can make changes over time. Start by
replacing the products you use most frequently. This may be your
household cleaner or maybe your hand soap. Focus on replacing
products used on those most susceptible. Children and those with a
compromised immune system can be more prone to the harmful
effects of chemicals.

What products are you switching out first? Take your first step today
for a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. We've got you

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Such a small amount.


Ok we get it, chemicals in cleaning products are bad.

Have you ever heard someone say, “But there’s such a small
amount of chemicals in the cleaning products I use, does it really
matter?” Or “I’ve been using them for years and I’m fine.”

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

Consider the effects of bioaccumulation. The EPA has stated
that small amounts of chemicals are not harmful to the body,
but what happens when a small amount of chemicals are found
in every single product you use and you use these products
every single day, every week, every month for the rest your life?

A small amount of chemicals in your personal care products,
hair products, detergents, and cleaning products can add up to
big problems and this can put a significant burden on your body.
This is called body burden. You feel fine, until one day, you don’t.
Chemicals can stay in your body and build up over time.

Consider this…
•Some chemicals accumulate in our bodies over time
•Impacts may show up long after exposure
•Some chemicals can become harmful or more toxic in
combination with other chemicals
•Chemicals can have more impact during certain periods
of development (womb, infancy, puberty)
•Even tiny doses can be very potent

Because of the problems that all of these chemicals can cause
so many people are searching for safer alternatives. After
searching and researching so many around the world are
switching to our Thieves product line. It just makes sense.
Take a closer look at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Cleaning up the messes.


When it comes to life there are going to be messes that
come along. Some of these are small and easy to fix and
some of these can be big and complicated. Oftentimes
many of the messes in life can be avoided if we are
willing to do what it takes on a consistent basis.

One of the area that many have to deal with messes
is in the area of health. Even though I tried for decades
my mom did not want to take care of herself and the
result was that when she was in her mid seventies, which
is not that old, she had to enter a nursing home. I can
tell you from visiting her that you definitely do not want
to have to end up in a nursing home. It is a far better
option to simply take care of your health. It is sad how
there are people at a younger age, in their fifties,
forties, and even thirties, who are having to be in a
nursing home. It shouldn't be this way.

Most of the health challenges that people face are do
to lifestyle choices. When it comes right down to it there
are just a handful of reasons why most health problems
occur so you can save yourself from a lot of messes by
simply taking care of yourself every day. It also makes
life a whole lot more enjoyable when you have your
good health.

The other area where there are lots of messes is in the
area of money. Having some discipline and being able
to be realistic in how you look at things will really help
you to avoid most of the messes in this area. Most
things that you think you just have to have you really
don't need. If you look over your life how often have
you thought that you needed something and then
shortly after you bought it you hardly used it? It just
was something else to take up space and gather

So many people waste so much money and then
complain as to not having any money. Most people
have plenty of money its just where they choose to
spend it.

Has your life been a mess? You can't unscramble eggs
but God can take scrambled eggs and make a beautiful
omelet. No matter how many setbacks you have had God
still has a wonderful plan for your life. Keep hope alive in
your heart and never give up on your dreams. We help
people to make their dreams come true.

When it comes to cleaning up messes we have great
products that can help you in all areas. We have
hundreds of the very best products that are helping
many to have wellness, to clean up their environment
safely without the use of toxins, and to develop a
growing unstoppable income from the comfort of home.
I encourage you to take a look and see if this too
can't help you to clean up your messes more easily
and quickly than you ever thought possible.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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What you never want to do.


It seems that so many people are willing to quit. When things don't
go their way they just give up. Whether it's a job, a marriage, a
great opportunity, getting and maintaining good health, staying in
shape, even being a parent. Their are endless excuses that they
use, none of them worth a hill of beans, as to why they have it oh
so tough and why they just can't keep going.

I help people to help themselves when it comes to the areas of
wellness and developing an unlimited income from home. It's
not difficult but it does take staying the course and committing to
doing a few things. None of these things are difficult but they
do take effort. It never ceases to amaze me at how many
people won't do these three things. They have endless complaints
yet they are not willing to do three simple things to eliminate
what they say really really bothers them.

It can be really frustrating to deal with people. Anyone who has
dealt with people know just how little control that you have when
it comes to helping others. You can offer to help but most
people are not willing to do their part and so many will simply
quit. One doctor who is in the wellness field has people come
to him looking for alternative ways, outside of the mainstream,
for wellness. These people know that the standard approach
simply does not work. Yet only one out of 20 choose to follow
his advice. He is endlessly frustrated.

That is why it is so important to have the proper mindset. The
only one that you can control is you. You can want to help
others but if they don't want to help themselves enough, if
they are not willing to commit day in and day out, you just
need to let them be until they are ready. Unfortunately so
many will never choose to be ready.

Have you given up on your dream because it didn't
happen the first time or the fifth time or the thirtieth time?
You are full of so much potential! You were never created
to be average, to just barely get by, and to always struggle.
Don't you dare settle for second best. Today is a new day.
Draw a line in the sand and say, "That's it. I've let good
enough be good enough long enough." Become everything
that God has created you to be. Let's make your dreams
come true!

If you are willing to commit to doing three simple things
day in and day out and to not quit I can help you to
succeed guaranteed. My goal is to help as many
people as I can throughout the world for as long as I
am on this planet. I would love one of them to be you.
For those who are serious about achieving the very
best in life I invite you to take a look and to get
started. Know that if you do you are one of the very
special ones set apart from so many who simply
want to settle.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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