Endless possibilities in each and every drop.


What if you could help a couple of people a month solve a
problem in their life and because you did that, you could retire
in a few years? Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life
is too short for anything less than the very best. Join us today!

The health supporting properties of essential oils have
made them among the most popular wellness products
in the world today. In fact essential oils are the fastest
growing segment in wellness because every day people
around the world are discovering all of the wonderful
possibilities for good in every area of their life that is
in each and every drop. In a few years the demand
will create a growing segment with billions of dollars
additionally in sales. What an opportunity for so
much good!

Essential Oils are aromatic liquids. When you are outside
and you feel so good and refreshed it has a lot to do with
the essential oils that plants, bushes, and trees are putting
out into the atmosphere. Did you know that the haze that
gives the Smoky Mountains that name is due to the essential
oils in the air?

Essential oils are distilled from flowers, trees, roots, bushes,
and the seeds of plants, and are rich in antioxidants, nutrients,
and compounds beneficial to sustaining health and vitality.
The distillation process is what makes essential oils so
concentrated - it takes, for example, thousands of flower
petals to create the drops that are in a single bottle of rose oil,
and adding just one drop of our Vitality Peppermint oil to a
glass of water has approximately the same concentration as
20 bags of tea.

Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history for
a wide variety of wellness applications. The Egyptians were
some of the first people to use aromatic essential oils
extensively in wellness, beauty treatment, food preparation,
and in religious ceremony. In addition, there are over 200
references to aromatics, incense, and ointments throughout
the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (36 of the 39 books
of the Old Testament and 10 of the 27 books of the New
Testament mention essential oils or the plants that produce them.)
Many refer to essential oils as God's medicine. They were
given to us on the third day of creation.

In short, essential oils are a powerful, versatile miracle of nature.
Once you start using pure essential oils every day you will never
want to be without them. I have been so blessed and have
benefited in so many ways from being able to use and have the
very best essential oils delivered right to my door for over 18
years. I encourage you to take a closer look and to get started
today. You will be so glad that you did. It's one of the very best
things you will ever do for yourself and your family.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Too many to count.


Helping the willing to achieve wealth. If you go through the
information and say "no", you aren't saying "no" to me. You're
saying "no" to yourself. You are saying "no" to your dreams.
Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life is too short for
anything less than the very best. Join us today!

I love Young Living in so many ways. The products have
changed my life and that is why I share with others. I feel
that we have the very best product line to help people to
improve in all areas of their life.

Being healthy is important. But it's not always easy. That's
one of the reasons why I LOVE Ningxia Red. One 2 oz
serving per day gives you so much.

It's easy. It's delicious. And you'll look forward to it every day!
Young Living is changing the world, one family at a time. Ningxia
Red works so well that it is our best selling product.

Most essential oils that you see on the market are labeled
"fragrance oil" or "perfume" and the majority of these are
synthetic. As in... chemically produced. You don't want to
be using those.

Even among essential oils, quality varies significantly. I
choose Young Living because what you see is what you get.

Our tea tree oil is... tea tree oil.
Our rose oil is... rose oil.
Our copaiba oil is... copaiba oil.
Pure. Potent. Unadulterated. Just the way it should be.

Give our products a try and you will never want to be
without them. Our products are far above all the rest.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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We're different.


Victim or victor. The choice is yours. We are looking for people
who want to be victors. Step up to better. A new and better normal.
Life is too short for anything less than the very best. Join us today!

Most of the essential oils sold in the world are useful ONLY for
perfumes and cosmetics. Other uses are not safe or

Young Living essential oils are different. Our meticulous
practices for planting, cultivating, harvesting and distilling
yield pure, natural essential oils that meet industry-leading
integrity standards. Oils of this quality cannot be found
anywhere else. That means they are so much more versatile!

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils which is the
fastest growing area in wellness today. However, we are also
the world leader in other categories.

Almost everyone I know uses supplements to support healthy
living. But if I've learned one thing, it's that supplements are
not all created equal.

Quality matters. Where the ingredients are sourced matters.
How the supplement is made matters. Even the material of
the bottle matters! If you knew what was really in most other
supplements on the market you too would only use
Young Living's.

The amount of research, testing and quality control that goes
into producing each and every one of Young Living's supplements
and nutrition products would wow you.

It's why I turn to them for my supplements, and why I recommend
you do so as well. Why waste money on inferior products that can
harm you? Get started today on the very best. It makes all the
difference. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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No matter what area, we can help.


Ever hear the story "Acres of Diamonds"? That is exactly what
this is. You don't have to go searching the world. It's right in front of
you. Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life is too short for
anything less than the very best. Join us today!

No matter what area, we have fantastic products that will give you
better results. Why would you want to use inferior products? Why
would you want to risk the damage that could occur to you and
your family from using toxic ingredients? What may save you a
few pennies up front can cost you big time down the road. It can
cost you your health, it might even cost you your life.

Have you ever wondered why there is a "poison control" warning
on your toothpaste? Or why we clean our homes with chemicals
that are considered toxic to touch or inhale? Or if there are
NATURAL ways to support the health of your body, mind, skin, and

The more you understand about our products the more you will
see why they are the only ones you will want to use day in and
day out. There is no other company that goes through what we
do to bring the very best products available to market.

One big area that so many have challenges with is releasing
the excess fat. Scientific research shows that hunger can be
managed in the brain, on the tongue, and in the gut.

While many weight management programs and pills focus only
on one, essential oils are a powerful weapon for all 3 of these
weight management centers. You will want to use our Slique
line of products. They are fantastic! So many people have
gotten amazing results where nothing else had worked for
them. They have so many wonderful benefits other than
helping you to say goodbye to unwanted fat for good. I love
our Slique products and I believe that you will too.

Another area is with personal care products. Have you noticed
how many oil-infused bath and body products have flooded the
market lately?

That's because many essential oils - and the natural constituents
within them - naturally support the health of our skin, hair, and body.
And they smell wonderful!There's just one big problem. Most of
the products on the market rely on essential oils that are low
quality, or what is often known as "perfume-grade". You don't want
to be using those.

Personally, I love oil-enhanced body products. But because purity
and quality are so important to me, I choose Young Living. Our
personal product line is amazing. Once you give our products a
try you will be tossing out all the other products you've been using.
You will love the results you get by using the very best.

We have over 600 of the very best products in the world. You no
longer have to settle for less. You can't say that no one told you.

Partnered with the very best products is a fantastic way for you to
make all your dreams come true simply by sharing this with others.
You can develop a growing and unlimited income from the comfort
of home by helping people around the world. What a blessing this
is! It just doesn't get any better than this and it all starts here:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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Used every day around the world.


It's really interesting to know that essential oils, because of
their structure, will literally push chemicals and metallics out of the
cells. How? Because they have the highest level of oxygenating
activity of any substance known to man. Oxygen pushes toxins
out and pulls potassium back into the cell. Essential oils will help
to re-establish normal cell function and balance. Step up to better.
A new and better normal. Life is too short for anything less than
the very best. Join us today! http://www.thisworks.biz

Essential oils have been treasured by nearly every ancient culture
for thousands of years! Essential oils were given to us on the
third day of creation so they have been around for a very long
time. Some call essential oils "Gods medicine". Here are 7 oils
that families all around the world use EVERY day to support
healthy living!

Frankincense is considered a holy anointing oil in the Middle East,
where it has been used for generations. It has a sweet, warm,
balsamic aroma. Frankincense is a versatile essential oil that
includes the naturally occurring constituent alpha-pinene. It can
be useful in massage after activity, diffused during meditation for
grounding purposes, and applied cosmetically to help smooth
the appearance of skin. You'll also find Frankincense in several
of our popular blends including Brain Power, Forgiveness, and
Awaken. Frankincense was one of the gifts given to baby Jesus
by the three wise men.

Lemon essential oil has a pleasant, purifying citrus scent that
makes it great for diffusing, and is renowned for its exceptional
home cleaning and purifying abilities. Lemon Vitality dietary
essential oil may be added to food and beverage recipes for a
citrusy kick. It's a key ingredient in Thieves Vitality, NingXia Red®,
and Inner Defense™, and includes the powerful and
naturally-occurring compound limonene.

Peppermint has a scent that's both uplifting and calming. Applied
topically its cooling sensation makes it ideal for sports massage.
One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for supporting
normal digestion and gastrointestinal system comfort, no home
should be without Peppermint Vitality - our dietary essential oil.
Try adding a drop to herbal tea to help aid normal digestion.
Or place 2 drops of Peppermint Vitality on the tongue to support
concentration and alertness.

Lavender has a sweet, floral aroma that is soothing and refreshing.
Lavender’s aroma is great for relaxing and winding down before
bedtime; add to bath or diffuse to create a calming and comforting
environment. Lavender essential oil may complement your favorite
shampoos, lotions, and skin care products. Because it is the most
versatile of all essential oils, no home should be without it.

PanAway® (oil blend)
PanAway® has a stimulating aroma and is a popular and original
combination of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint
essential oils formulated by D. Gary Young. This blend is ideal to
apply topically after exercise.

Thieves® (oil blend)
This proprietary and prized essential oil blend contains Eucalyptus
Radiata, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Rosemary essential oils
and contains the naturally derived consituents limonene,
eucalyptol, and eugenol. Its powerful and aromatic botanicals
make it a versatile natural cleaning agent that can be used all
over your home. We have a whole line of Thieves products that
can take care of any cleaning you need to do around the home.
Or try Thieves Vitality dietary essential oil - a powerful blend that
supports healthy immune function, and may contribute to
wellness when taken as a dietary supplement.

Purification® (oil blend)
Purification® Essential Oil Blend helps freshen the air and
eliminate odors with its unique blend of Citronella, Rosemary,
Lemongrass, Melaleuca Alternifola, Lavandin, and Myrtle
essential oils. Diffuse it in the air, or put a few drops on cotton
balls and place in vents, closets, or your car to freshen air and
eliminate odors. Purification® can also be added to skin care
products to moisturize and improve the appearance for healthy
looking skin. Try adding it to V-6™ to complement a relaxing
foot massage, or apply it topically for an annoyance-free
outdoor experience.

Try these fantastic seven and you will see why so many
around the world never want to be without them. Endless
possibilities for good in each and every drop. You can find
out more and get started at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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